League of Legends Patch 9.4 tier list: jungle edition

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As we conclude our League of Legends Patch 9.4 tier list, we look at which junglers are at the top of the meta for all those looking to climb.

Jungle is dead? It’s a refrain that a lot of junglers in League of Legends will often repeat in despair. But the Patch 9.4 tier list shows us that the jungle is still full of viable picks that can be used to climb.

If you need more insight into how this tier list was aggregated and from which sources, check out the raw data here.

Jungle tier list

S tier: Kha’Zix

A tier: Jarvan IV, Kayn, Nunu & Willump, Lee Sin, Evelynn, Karthus, Xin Zhao, Jax, Kindred, Master Yi, Rek’Sai, Sejuani, Shaco, Udyr, Rammus, Elise

B tier: Rengar, Ivern, Shyvana, Nidalee, Vi, Pantheon, Nocturne, Warwick

C tier: Amumu, Hecarim, Graves, Fiddlesticks, Zac, Gragas, Volibear, Taliyah

D tier: Wukong, Trundle, Camille, Olaf

Rising champions

Rek’Sai (C tier to A tier)

The Void Burrower got a bunch of buffs and changes in Patch 9.4, but not many people thought it would boost her profile and impact the way it did. From being almost consistently rated as a weak or below-average pick, Rek’Sai is now a strong choice for junglers out there. In particular, the fact that she can now generate fury from her burrowed Q (and thus up her healing a bit more between clearing camps) and making her ult harder to dodge has probably helped.

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Sejuani (B tier to A tier)

Sejuani has been strong, though not overbearing, in SoloQ for a few patches now, even as she’s spiked in popularity with regards to pro play. It’s not as though tanks have completely taken over the meta, but Sejuani is able to thrive just a bit more.

Kha’Zix (A tier to S tier)

On the other hand, Kha’Zix returns to his rightful place atop the tier list after falling to the A tier in Patch 9.3. In disorganized play, the Voidreaver will always be a decent to very strong pick, taking advantage of the chaos to easily pick stragglers off and slip out.

Falling champions

Graves (A tier to C tier)

Man, Graves just dropped like a rock in the Patch 9.4 tier list, compared to 9.3, and there’s really no good explanation why. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because the heavy farming-style junglers aren’t quite as favored with a combination of players still trying to figure out his itemization. Hopefully, this will be a blip on the radar for him and he’ll get to a more comfortable spot soon.

Olaf (C tier to D tier)

Officially the worst jungler in Patch 9.4, the Berzerker has been on the weak side of our tier lists for quite a while now. Certainly, a lot of the recent rune changes haven’t benefitted him, and with ADCs getting more survivability and pure damage, as opposed to utility, Olaf is bound to struggle.

Camille (C tier to D tier)

This one is no surprise, and probably has been expected for a while. Ever since Riot removed her E stun onto monsters, everyone was waiting to see Camille fall out of the jungle and fall she has. A tier as recent as Patch 9.1, don’t be shocked if she falls out of our tier list in the jungle altogether.

Buffed champions


The buffs Trundle got helped, but he is still so terrible at ganking and contesting level two he’s remained at the bottom of the tier list. The fact that his need to hard farm and that tanks are still not very prominent does hurt, as he gets annihilated by the top-tier junglers like Kha’Zix.


Similar story to Trundle, the pony is better but still not great. Like Trundle, he also relies more on farming than ganking, which is not very efficient in Patch 9.4.


Mentioned above, the buffs she got pushed her over the edge. Expect her to stay towards the top for a bit unless there are some drastic changes.

Nerfed champions


This was a pure bugfix, where his level 1 Q was doing more damage than it was supposed to, making it inefficient to scale up Q past that first point. Although I wouldn’t have thought that many people knew about/were abusing this bug, it was apparently enough to knock Rengar out of the A tier.


Karthus was the S tier jungler in Patch 9.3, but the nerfs to his Q appear to have played some part in knocking him down to a mere A tier jungler. Still, as I said in my patch notes breakdown, the nerfs weren’t severe enough to take him completely out of the meta, and he’s a fine pick at the moment.

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Have any thoughts on champions high in our Patch 9.4 tier list needing nerfs, or low needing buffs? Let us know in the comments below!