League of Legends: Sacrifices and birthday cakes – Mordekaiser and Teemo

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A few days ago, we celebrated the birthdays of 2 of League of Legends’ most vile evil villains. Mordekaiser – The Iron Revenant and an even greater evil… Teemo!

Within the last week, we saw Teemo and Mordekaiser reach 10 & 9 years old respectively so I thought now was a good time to take a quick look at two of the most evil champions that League of Legends has to offer, and see how they’re doing.

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Past Glories

Both of our case studies today are AP champions that make their lane opponents lives a living hell in lower tiers of play. With poke damage aplenty and survivability beyond what most deem reasonable, the pair have seen some success in pro-play throughout the years – Teemo was picked in the middle lane by Hai on Week 1 Day 1 of the 2014 NA LCS spring split.

And Mordekaiser had a nigh on 100% pick/ban rate during 2015’s World Championships where H2K’s then AD Carry Hjarnan picked up a quadra kill vs Bangkok Titans. This insanity came soon after Riot’s infamous Juggernaut update, which made him an absolute monster in the bottom lane with his insane dragon control and constant priority. Despite me being a filthy Mordekaiser one-trick I’m definitely thankful for Riot nerfing him after Worlds 2015, the man was oppressive and the pinnacle of toxic gameplay.

Mordekaiser - League of Legends
Mordekaiser – Riot Games /

The present and future are bright!

Currently, our two dark lords sit within the top 20 of all top laners in winrate according to stats site Champion.gg. Teemo has only crept up by 1 ranking since the last patch, but Mordekaiser has jumped up 7 – likely thanks to the new Conqueror rune that was introduced during Patch 9.4 – which we covered here.

The future does look bright for both of our evil overlords, with Teemo receiving changes currently on the PBE and Mordekaiser’s rework scheduled to drop around the April/May time.

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All of us here at Blog of Legends wish Teemo and Mordekaiser happy (belated) birthdays – we’ll even sacrifice every Yasuo in SoloQ as an offering to our dark lords.

And may they both have many more years to come, torturing disrespectful top-laners!