League of Legends LEC Week 6 power rankings: playoff preview

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Nukeduck of Origen.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As the European League of Legends season rolls on the playoff picture comes into clearer focus. Who is in a good position, and who still has ground to make up in the LEC?

There are only a few weeks of play left in the LEC season, meaning the teams don’t have a lot of time to make up ground. Some teams, like G2 and Vitality, are almost assured a spot, while others like ExceL and Rogue are all but eliminated. Which European League of Legends teams need to make up the most ground?

10. ExceL (2-10)

It only makes sense that Excel would be at the bottom of the table after their loss to Rogue in the “War of the Worst” last Friday. Subbing out Exile for Special in the mid lane has alleviated some of their struggles, and Caedrel and Expect have been performing decently. Unfortunately, this team lacks any cohesion or a stand-out player to rally around and will likely remain at the bottom of the table.

9. Rogue (2-10)

Rogue did split their games last weekend, going 1-1, unfortunately, that still leaves them far below the rest of the pack. From a pure talent perspective, Rogue is the absolute worst team in Europe, with every one of their players being ranked last or second-to-last at their position with the exception of Vander who has played remarkably well in limited action.

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8. Fnatic (5-7)

Slowly but surely, Fnatic is continuing their climb upwards towards the playoff picture. A 2-0 weekend with wins over playoff teams like Origen and Vitality was huge for them. A winless weekend or even a 1-1 split would have likely put them in an insurmountable hole given their horrible start.

Don’t get it twisted, though, Fnatic are still one of the bottom teams in terms of pure skill, and they can really only count of Rekkles and sometimes Nemesis to carry their team. There is hope that players like Bwipo, Hylissang, and Broxah can find their form, but their time to do so is running out.

7. SK Gaming (6-6)

SK squandered a big opportunity to put distance between themselves and the other teams fighting for a playoff spot by losing to Misfits on Friday. Luckily, they managed to earn an upset over FC Schalke on the second day of play, which keeps them in a tie with the other 6-6 teams. Having said that, they’re the weakest of those .500 teams and are going to need someone on their team to step up and start leading if they’re going to stay in the playoff hunt.

6. Misfits (6-6)

After a disastrous 0-2 weekend that included a loss to then-winless Rogue, Misfits elected to shake up their coaching staff. It looks like the change and the sense of urgency has worked, for now.

The wins over SK Gaming and Origen weren’t just big in that they enabled Misfits to bounce back. Those wins gave the Misfits season sweeps over both teams, which could end up being crucial for tiebreaking purposes if they end tied with either one or both teams at the season’s end.