League of Legends: Remembering Immortals – An insane era

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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We’ve talked about the dominant eras in League of Legends. Yet some squads burned bright for a time, only to fade at the last moment. We’ll be remembering Immortals today.

Immortals League of Legends logo
courtesy of eu.lolesports.com – Riot Games /

With the fall of Team8 after an anemic 2015, a mysterious new roster was slithering in to take their spot, shrouded in rumors and myths. Immortals, they called themselves, and their logo bore the simple and awe-inspiring visage of the Trojan warrior. Before they even set foot on the stage, the hype had begun to build.

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In the following weeks, as Immortals revealed their starting lineup, many viewers rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were reading correctly. Not only were the strongest duo in the West; Huni and Reignover on a North American team after their undefeated season with Fnatic; top NA talent WildTurtle and Pobelter had both signed on alongside.

It wasn’t enough that this squad was built with some of the best players in their positions – they were also all (with the exception of Pobelter) completely unchained.

We’ve discussed the most dominant teams in North America. We’ve reminisced over the TSM’s, the C9’s, the CLG’s of splits past, those who exerted regional dominance for a time, taking titles and (when the rare stars aligned) strong international performances.

But Immortals were something else entirely.

Immortals during their debut season, League of Legends
Courtesy of eu.lolesports.com /

Super aggressive, super-stylized, the only predictable part of this squad was their ability to take games. The team started Spring 2016 by rolling over C9 in a 26-minute game, gifting Turtle a quadra inside the enemy base. And so that split went; one by one they turned the other LCS team into veritable speed bumps and stunt jumps. Games rarely stretched longer than a half-hour, and the kill counts were always high.

Immortals were North America’s darling, and by the end of the first half of Spring, they hadn’t been beaten.