League of Legends: Riot speaks about positional ranks and a possible ladder reset


In a /dev post, Riot provided some insight into how they think the early response to positional ranks is among the League of Legends community and what their tentative plans are going forward.

Positional ranks have gotten mixed reviews, to put it kindly. Many high elo League of Legends players have compared the state of the game to that of DynamicQ in Season 6, and have called for Riot to reset the ranked ladder. The complaints have ranged from feeling the ladder is easily exploitable for boosts to beliefs that the new ranked system gives no incentive to try when off-role.

We’ve gone into detail about the problems of positional ranks and offered solutions to these issues, but the true test will be how Riot responds. Today, they did in a /dev post update.

According to Rioter SapMagic, the League of Legends team feels that the position matchmaking (distinct from position ranks) has been generally effective, but are concerned that the position ranking system is too grindy and doesn’t properly punish players for losing in their off role positions.

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In addition, SapMagic admitted that there are a lot of high MMR matchmaking and ranking issues, but was quick to distinguish this issue from position ranks. Instead, he said that there were issues involving high elo players gaining more LP than they should for wins, Masters+ players being matched with low diamond players, and players getting to high MMR with low win rates.

The post explains that they are considering a bevy of options to fix this issue, including some form of a partial ranked reset aimed at Diamond+ players. He also cautioned that they are adjusting the calibration of divisions so that each division’s skill is more distinct. In essence, new Diamond division will look more like low Diamond in past seasons, GM division will be more equivalent to high Diamond and Masters, and so on.

As for the issue of positional ranks themselves, SapMagic stated that they are evaluating whether they might end the positional rank system and go back to the old system of a single rank (which I approve of). If this happens, players will retain their highest position rank. SapMagic stated that he will be able to provide more information on exactly what their plan is on March 8.

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What do you think Riot will and should do about the issue of position ranks? Let us know in the comments below!