League of Legends champion profile: Ziggs, the Hexplosive Expert

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Ziggs. League of Legends.
Ziggs. League of Legends. /

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

If you’re a new League of Legends player trying to learn, or just a veteran trying to refine skills about a champion you’re unfamiliar with, we have you covered. Today, we introduce Ziggs, the Hexplosive Expert.

There are a lot of champions in the League of Legends universe to pick from and it can be difficult for players to determine which one is best suited for their skills and personality. If you’re someone who loves mages and bombs, Ziggs is the perfect champion for you.

An artillery mage who spams his bombs and can fire off a massive explosive device that crosses half the map, Ziggs is great for those who want to channel their inner Kobe Bryant. If you’re interested, here is a quick breakdown of Ziggs, the Hexplosive Expert.

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The bomb-loving Yordle Ziggs was an inventor’s assistant in Piltover. Bored by his predictable life, Ziggs met an insane blue-haired woman with the same appreciation for a good explosion named Jinx. After a wild night on the town, Ziggs took her advice and moved to Zaun, where he now explores his fascinations with bombs more freely, terrorizing the people of Zaun in his never-ending quest to blow stuff up

Best quotes

– “Explosion first, questions later.”
– “I like my enemies like I like my bombs: about to explode!”
– “No no no no, I got my fuses crossed.”
– “Come on! Does this look dangerous to you?”
– “Let’s blow this joint.”


Artillery Mage


Mid / Bot