League of Legends LEC team power rankings: Week 7

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Nukeduck of Origen.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Only two weeks of LEC play remain, so it’s time to look at which League of Legends teams have the best chance of advancing to the postseason.

Last weekend’s League of Legends action in Europe was insane, with G2 dropping only their second game to SK Gaming. As the dust settled, the LEC has six teams in the middle of the pack separated by just a single game. Which of these teams has the best chance to make the playoffs, and which need some help to make it in?

10. Rogue (2-12)

Rogue is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this week after losing to G2 and Fnatic. It appears that they’re also ending the short-lived experiment of Vander at support and Finn at top lane, as both are being swapped for Wadid and Profit, respectively.

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For my money, Vander has been far better than Wadid this split, outpacing him in vision score, KDA, death share, and most importantly wins (as in Rogue actually got some with Vander in the lineup). Finn, on the other hand, didn’t really show a ton more promise than Profit, as the two are ranked last and second-to-last in our top laner metrics.

9. Excel (3-11)

Similar to Rogue, ExceL’s playoff dreams have been firmly buried. Now, though, they are going to do some roster shake-ups of their own, swapping support Raymond “kaSing” Tsang for Mystiques. I’ve been on record that kaSing is not the biggest reason behind ExceL’s struggles (in fact, he’s been their best player), so it’s interesting to see why ExceL has decided to give their young support a try and not their Academy top or ADC (they already have their once-Academy mid playing on the main team in Special).

8. SK Gaming (7-7)

Man, SK Gaming had one hell of a weekend? First, they lost to ExceL in a massive upset, a game which all but destroyed their chances of making the playoffs. Then, improbably, they beat G2.

Talk about a schizophrenic weekend, to go from losing to one of the worst teams in the LEC to beating the LEC’s unquestioned kings. Everyone thought SK would finish the weekend 1-1, but definitely not this way. Now, they face Splyce and Origen this weekend, two tough opponents in games they likely have to win (or at least split) to remain in the playoff hunt.

7. Fnatic (7-7)

Fnatic continued to climb last weekend going 2-0 with wins over Rogue and FC Schalke. Getting the win against Schalke was huge, as it put the two teams in a tie whereas a Schalke win would have likely put them in a commanding lead to make the playoffs.

This weekend, they get the luxury of playing ExceL, but also face Misfits. That is going to be a crucial game that they need to win. A 2-0 weekend would all but guarantee the former Worlds finalists a spot in the LEC playoffs.

6. Misfits (7-7)

Speaking of the luxury of facing ExceL, Misfits got their chance last weekend and took the needed win. Unfortunately, they also had to face off against one of the best LEC teams in Vitality, and weren’t able to secure the upset.

As mentioned above, Misfits will face Fnatic next weekend in a crucial matchup and then a struggling FC Schalke team the following day. How they fare against two teams they are tied with in the standings will be crucial, especially with them facing Splyce and G2 in the final week of the season. If they can’t secure two wins, Misfits will be in a spot of needing two upsets to get into the playoffs.