The League of Legends 2019 March Madness bracket

Sejuani, League of Legends
Sejuani, League of Legends /

Welcome to the League of Legends 2019 March Madness bracket, where we will crown the community’s favorite League of Legends champion!

With March Madness, college basketball’s premier tournament approaching, we took our own swing at capturing the craziness by developing our own bracket to crown the most popular League of Legends champion! Over the next week or so, we will be hosting polls across our Twitter and Facebook as champions square off in our inaugural March Madness League of Legends bracket challenge!

Here’s how it will work. We have created a bracket based on the most played champions in each role in Patch 9.5 based on Lolalytics. The champions are seeded purely off pick rate, and the bracket is divided into four regions: ADC, support, jungle, and mid/top (sorry mids and top laners but there was so much overlap between your champion pools we put you both in the same region).

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We will be hosting polls for each matchup on both Twitter and Facebook for each matchup, and polls will be open for 12 hours (7 PM EST to 7 AM EST). Once all the polls are closed and the first round matchups are done, we’ll do the same for the second round and so on. We’ll also keep you updated with a brand new article after each round, showing the matchups.

But there’s more to do than just vote!

We’re including a picture of the bracket below as well as a link to the Google doc where the bracket is located. Download a copy yourself, fill it out, and tweet it to us and/or post it to our Facebook page.

The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019
The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019 /

If you send us a completed bracket before the polls open for Round 1 (7 PM tomorrow night), and you have the most correct picks, you’ll get a spot on our Wall of Fame! Well, there’s no real wall, but we’ll shout you and your correct picks out on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, you’re picking which champs you think will get more votes in each head-to-head matchup.

Good luck summoners! And may the odds be ever in your favor!