League of Legends 2019 March Madness bracket – round of 32

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Our 2019 bracket to choose the favorite League of Legends champion is through the first round. Did your favorite champion survive and advance?

Choosing the community’s favorite League of Legends champion is no easy feat, which is why we here at Blog of Legends developed our bracket as March Madness is going. Through two days of voting, the first round is done and the second-round matchups are set. Let’s see who advanced and who got upset in our bracket!

The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019. Round of 32.
The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019. Round of 32. /


(15) Xayah over (2) Vayne – it looks like the Night Hunter isn’t as popular as her play rate indicates. Or all those people who don’t play ADC are getting out their frustrations from watching them 1v9.

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(12) Ashe over (5) Caitlyn – who would have thought the Frost Archer would be so popular? Maybe people just don’t like cops.

(9) Jhin over (8) Tristana – yeah 9s win over 8s in the actual tourney all the time, but Jhin completely destroyed Tristana in this matchup.

(10) Draven over (7) Sivir – methinks the Tyler1 fans came out in force to take down the favored Sivir.

(9) Vel’Koz over (8) Janna – similar to Jhin/Trist matchup, Vel’Zok destroyed the 8th-seeded support in our bracket.

(13) Leona over (4) Lulu – Leona won 70% of the votes in this matchup, which is honestly quite astounding.

(11) Blitzcrank over (6) Soraka – This doesn’t shock me, honestly. Blitz is a well-liked support with a lot of playmaking while Soraka is…Soraka.

(14) Braum over (3) Nami – One of the biggest upsets of the first round, I would not have thought Nami was vulnerable. This may have busted a lot of brackets.

(13) Darius over (4) Kayle – I thought Kayle would be doomed in this matchup, as Darius is quite the playmaker.

(11) Renekton over (6) Vladimir – Vlad’s been a polarizing champion, a lot of people can’t stand him, so I’m not surprised to see him go down in round one.

(14) Lissandra over (3) Riven – Like the Nami upset, this is a big bracket buster. Riven mains are quite the formidable fandom, but I guess there was enough anti-Riven sentiment that even Lissandra would win.

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Voting for the round of 32 will begin tonight. Make sure to follow us to vote for your favorite to win their matchup!