League of Legends: 2019 March Madness champion bracket Sweet 16

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Our 2019 bracket to choose the favorite League of Legends champion is through the first round. Did your favorite champion survive and advance?

We’re deep into it now, folks. Our inaugural March Madness bracket to pick your favorite League of Legends champion has reached the Sweet 16, just like the tournament in real life. Cinderella stories continue living, giants are upset, and some surprising matchups are coming in round number 3. Who advanced and who fell?

The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019. Sweet 16.
The Blog of Legends March Madness Bracket, 2019. Sweet 16. /

ADC Region

The king of all ADCs fell in a stunning upset, as the #1 seed Ezreal fell to lowly ninth-seeded Jhin. But the Virtuoso didn’t just upset Ezreal, he stomped the Prodigal Explorer’s tournament hopes like the fabled fourth shot from Whisper.

Now, Jhin will have to face another Cinderella story in Ashe. She also handily defeated her opponent in an upset, stunning Kai’Sa mains like an Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

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In the other matchup, Lucian took care of business to win his bout against Jinx, which probably sent the Loose Cannon further off the deep end than normal. On the other side, though, the League of Draven will not be crowned in this bracket. The Tyler1 fanboys were obviously too busy getting in reps at the gym, allowing the Vastayan Xayah to upset their Glorious Executioner and advance.

Support region

It was a Death Sentence for Vel’Koz before the voting even started, as Thresh Flayed the tentacle cyclops back to the void. Now, in the Sweet 16, the Chain Warden will have to step into the light.

That’s right, the Radiant Dawn herself, Leona advanced by knocking off Lux. I’m going out of a limb and saying the backlash against the Lady of Luminosity was due to her incredibly obnoxious laugh.

Meanwhile, the rolling golem continued his rampage, bashing down the Heart of the Freljord. Now, Blitzcrank is going to face his toughest challenge yet as he goes head to head with Morgana. We’ll have to see if she can Black Shield his momentum the way she did to overcome Pyke.

Jungle region

Perhaps the biggest upset of the Round of 32 was Lee Sin barely getting edged out by Rengar. Now, the knife cat will have to contend with Kayn as the Shadow Reaper emerged from the wall to squash Kha’Zix.

In the other side of this bracket, Jax twirled his staff and negated all of Vi’s punches to breeze into the Sweet 16. If you thought the beating he laid on the Piltover Enforcer was bad, imagine if he had a real weapon!

Finally, Rek’Sai got dunked on as Prince Jarvan IV brought honor to Demacia by securing himself a spot in the third round. I’m perplexed why she didn’t just tunnel out of the Cataclysm though…

Solo lane region

Another one seed falls?? That’s right, Sylas got shackled right back up thanks to the charming Ahri and her fans. The foxy lady will lock in her spot in the next round to the delight of cosplayers everywhere.

Facing her will be the Blade Dancer after her wiping of Darius in the Round of 32. Apparently, the meme dream of having Dunkmaster Darius cutting down the nets to the tune of “One Shining Moment” will not be realized this year.

Next up was a battle of two underdogs in Renekton against Lissandra. You might have thought that crocodiles don’t do well in cold weather, but the Butcher of the Sands put the Ice Witch back into her Frozen Tomb.

And last but not least, we had Zed vs. Yasuo in a battle of “everyone else prays a meteor hits the arena and both teams are killed.” Yes, unfortunately, one of these two cancerous champions had to win and advance. Luckily, it was the lesser of two evils as Zed won and will now slink from the shadows into the Sweet 16.

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Which of the remaining champions do you want to see win? Let us know in the comments below, as voting for the Sweet 16 matches will begin tomorrow afternoon at 12 PM EST.