League of Legends: grading all the skins released in March

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends saw the release of five brand new skins, plus two prestige skins and a slew of chromas. But how good were all the skins that came available in March?

Every patch that is released brings new skins to the League of Legends landscape. As Riot has previously stated, these skins represent a view into alternate universes of Runeterra, with the champions populating the world of K/DA, Slayer, Pentakill, or whatever.

In March, Riot introduced us to some new April Fool’s skins from the Cats vs. Dogs universe. While there were already some cat and dog skins in League of Legends, these came to us from the world of furry feline and canine friends. We also got a new skin in the Arclight line as well as some prestige skins and chromas.

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Today, we’ll be grading the new skins that were released in Patch 9.5 and 9.6, starting with the newest line.

1. Corgi Corki

Let’s be real, here, Corki himself looks like a creepy hybrid between Santa and Colonel Sanders. But they have the little guy riding on a plane driven by a corgi!

No, it doesn’t make any sense. Yes, it is adorable.

Grade: A-

2. Fuzz Fizz

They didn’t really do a whole lot with Fizz‘s trident, which is disappointing. They couldn’t have made the little guy be holding a weapon made of bones or chew toys for crying out loud?

That said, the actual skin of Fizz is amazing. From the floppy ears to the little wet snout, Fizz is going to look so terrifying hopping over the fence to kill you.

One detraction, though, is the ult. The ball getting thrown out first is quite good, but the dog that pops up is quite underwhelming.

Grade: B+

3. Meowrick

Thematically, this one just makes no sense. I mean, in what world is Yorick some “Hello Kitty”-wearing cuddle monster? And why does Riot think we want a glimpse into that world.

Yorick is clad head-to-toe in pink, his shovel is now some pretty, pink monstrosity. The cage made of what look like cat Peeps is abominable, the fact that he throws glitter dust for his E is lame, and his ult…well God it’s just awful. I will give some points for making his little ghouls cats, but otherwise, this skin is just a poor showing.

Grade: C-

4. Pretty Kitty Rengar

On the other hand, this skin with the purple hue and pink claws looks freaking dope. I mean, they have Rengar snuggle into a box for his recall animation!

That said, the other animations aren’t breathtaking (throwing the ball of yarn for his E is okay, the kitty version of his head for an indicator on his ult is better). At least the whole aesthetic isn’t as cringey as Meowrick’s. Plus, adding the screeching cat noises whenever he leaps out of brush is a 10/10 creative decision.

Grade: B+

5. Fuzz Fizz Prestige

I’m a bit more critical of Prestige skins since they are supposed to be higher-end so I want to really see some good quality and improvement over the base skin. And, to be honest, this is a very nice upgrade over the new skin.

Fizz himself is a cuter puppy than the original (no disrespect to base doggo Fizz), his trident is much more detailed and ornate (though still not made of bones!). Most importantly, though, is the ult animation.

Now, instead of throwing a ball and having some dopey looking husky pop out, Fizz throws out a steak and a dopey looking pug pops out! It is definitely an upgrade on the base for the ult alone.

Grade: A-