League of Legends: Invictus Gaming Skin Tier List

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Invictus Gaming may have won the biggest tournament in League of Legends, but their real reward is getting a line of skins created for them. Not all of them are created equal though – which one is the best?

The esports-related skins created in League of Legends are usually chock-full of good particle effects and references to the previous championship, and this year’s bunch are no exception. Honoring last year’s champion Invictus Gaming, Riot has teased the new batch of skins honoring the League of Legends World Champions.

Though Invictus Gaming’s black-and-white color scheme might have made flashy particle effects difficult to do, Riot has absolutely nailed it with their execution. All six look incredible and have recall animations that help express the personalities of the players who chose them.

However, that’s all academic – what we REALLY care about is which skin is the best. Though they all look great, there’s always one that stands out above the crowd – and today’s article is all about discovering which it is.

#6: Invictus Rakan

The splash art for Invictus Gaming Rakan
Invictus Gaming Rakan /

The soulmate on the roster of Invictus skins ultimately ended up with the worst skin of the bunch. Though some of the smaller details are nice, like the translucent wings on his Q’s healing animation, Rakan’s skin doesn’t feel different enough to really stand out. Guess that’s what happens when he joins a team without his girlfriend.

#5: Invictus LeBlanc

The splash art for Invictus Gaming LeBlanc
Invictus Gaming LeBlanc /

Though LeBlanc looks a good deal better than Rakan, her skin fares little better than his. Her W particles are quite nice, but LeBlanc’s new look ultimately doesn’t stand out amongst the crowd of other Invictus skins. Guess that’s the price you pay for not having flashy particles in your kit.

#4: Invictus Irelia

The splash art for Invictus Gaming Irelia
Invictus Gaming Irelia /

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Irelia’s Invictus attire suffers for a similar reason to LeBlanc – as an auto attack-based champion, she too lacks flashy particles. However, Irelia at least has a few minor details that make her skin stand out, like the “sonic boom” effect on her Q and the IG logo on the ult. It’s not great, but it’s passable.

#3: Invictus Kai’Sa

The splash art for Invictus Gaming Kai'Sa
Invictus Gaming Kai’Sa /

Weird W particles aside, Kai’Sa got one of the better Invictus skins. Beefy sound effects on the Q missiles, plus the IG logo replacing her normal plasma marks, really help Kai’Sa stand out from the crowd. However, a wonky W projectile is what ultimately costs her a place at the top. Exactly how does that hitbox work?

#2: Invictus Fiora

The splash art for Invictus Gaming Fiora
Invictus Gaming Fiora /

Fiora’s an auto attacker, sure, but her skin does a lot more with what it’s given than Irelia’s does. The small plumes of feathers on a successful Q hit, in addition to the wonderful E particle effects, helps elevate Fiora’s particles to a higher level than the competition. The watermark on the ult is also amazing – it helps brand IG onto the Rift wherever Fiora goes. However, Fiora misses out on the top spot to the final skin choice.

#1: Invictus Camille

The splash art for Invictus Gaming Camille
Invictus Gaming Camille /

Camille takes the top spot due to just how above and beyond her skin goes. The wings she grows while casting Hookshot are absolutely incredible, but she also makes the best of her other particles with a killer passive effect and an eye-catching ultimate. Add to that an excellent recall animation and the best splash art of the group, bar none, and you have yourself the best Invictus skin.

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