League of Legends Beginners Guide: Gold, Experience, and Laning

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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A League of Legends guide that will show how to turn those minions into gold!

Types of minions

A minion wave spawns every 30 seconds, beginning one minute and thirty seconds after the game begins (you’ll get a helpful announcement when minions first spawn). Each minion wave is made up of six to eight minions, depending on the type spawning.

Three melee minions spawn in each wave. They do the least damage but have a fair amount of armor and health, making them harder to kill. As their name implies, these minions use melee attacks on the enemy minions or towers, so they’ll be at the front of the wave every time.

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Three caster minions also spawn each wave. They do a fair bit of damage but have very little health and armor, so they’re easy to kill. These minions use a ranged attack and are in the back of the minion wave.

One siege minion (also called a cannon minion) spawns every third minion wave (but more often as the game goes longer). It has extra health and damage, and do particularly large damage to the tower. They will often be positioned in the middle of the minion wave when they spawn.

One to two super minions will spawn when your team has destroyed an inhibitor. One super minion will only spawn in the lane that has a killed inhibitor at the other end. If all three inhibitors have been killed at the same time, though, two super minions will spawn in every lane. These minions have the most health and do the most damage so they will destroy the enemy team’s structures if left unattended.

Each type of minion will grant varying amounts of gold and experience on death. Melees grant 21 gold and 59 XP, casters grant 14 gold and 29 XP, and both cannons and super minions grant 60 gold (potentially more) and 92 XP. Thus, it’s most important to last hit and get experience from melee minions and cannon minions in the laning phase.