League of Legends champion reveal: Yuumi, the Magical Cat

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games /

Our first official look at Yuumi, the newest champion to arrive in League of Legends, has just dropped. Let’s break down the teaser video to find out what her kit does!

The book enchanter of League of Legends has finally been revealed – and to most everyone’s surprise, it’s a cat riding an arcane book instead of a standard tome-and-robes mage. Yuumi is a magical cat, blessed with powers of protection, whose Yordle owner has gone missing after teleporting somewhere dangerous.

To that end, Yuumi has taken up her master’s semi-sentient book in order to find out where she’s gone and to bring her home safely. She looks very Zoe-esque, and certainly is a breath of fresh air for the game after all of the serious releases we’ve had recently.

Yuumi’s kit is also pretty different. Her core schtick is to… well, stick to allies and use them as a vessel for providing the rest of her utility.

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Her abilities are all useful on their own, but become much better when she’s attached to an allied champion. Since attaching to an ally also makes Yuumi untargetable, it keeps the little cat safe while her friends do the heavy lifting.

Yuumi’s kit includes a little of everything you’d want an enchanter to do – she heals, shields, and hastes allies, in addition to granting them extra AD or AP based on her own stats. This makes her an incredible pick for a team with hyper carries or who generally just want to play around the bot lane. However, Yuumi’s biggest weakness is her general lack of offensive potential. Even a passive champ like Soraka will be able to outtrade Yuumi since the Magical Cat only has one damaging ability outside of her ultimate.

All that said, Yuumi will really shine in team fights thanks to her ultimate, Final Chapter. It’s very reminiscent of Sona’s Crescendo, but has multiple damaging waves and will root enemies if they get hit by enough of them. The best part? Yuumi can move, attach to allies, or heal while casting Final Chapter, making it very difficult to avoid.

Yuumi in a mysterious location
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

All in all, it’s a pretty standard teaser – except for the very end, when Yuumi leaves Summoner’s Rift and ends up in a strange, forested area. It’s an odd inclusion to what would have been a regular teaser video, which means it may be a hint towards a new map or new lore-based location. It could be nothing at all, but consider our tinfoil hats securely fastened.

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