League of Legends Patch 9.9 tier list: top lane

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Darius. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Buffed champions

Tahm Kench

This was basically a miniature rework to Tahm’s kit, but it really made him more of a top laner than support. Increased base health and movement speed help him in a solo lane, as was the increased heal and shield on his E – Thick Skin.

Yes, he overall got less damage in his kit on minion and enemy champion Devours, but he’s got more stickiness thanks to his Q – Tongue Lash‘s increased range, slow, and stun. As I said before, Tahm is probably going to end up stronger than his current ranking in the C tier suggests.


Why, why Riot? Why would you buff Darius??

He was an A tier pick for the last several patches before he got buffs to the damage and healing on his Q – Decimate. He’s borderline S tier at the moment and could very well end up there next patch. Especially if tanks become more prominent thanks to the buffs to Aftershock.


Yep, we touched on it earlier, but Mao got a good damage buff to his Q – Bramble Smash that brought him up to the C tier. He’s still struggling more than the other tanks, so I’m not sure it was this change or the Aftershock buffs that caused his rise. He probably still could use a bit of a buff to become viable.

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Buffs to his base attack speed as well as the damage to his E – Shadow Dash certainly helped Shen rise into the B tier. He’s also begun to use Aftershock more often after the buff (as opposed to his previous affinity for Grasp of the Undying) so his synergy with a stronger tank keystone certainly helps.


Luckily, the buffs to Sylas’s W – Kingslayer didn’t help him nearly as much as they did in the mid lane. He remained about where he was in Patch 9.8, which is mid-C tier.


The buffs to his W – Frenzy‘s attack speed helped Volibear a ton in the jungle, as it allowed him to clear super fast, but you wouldn’t think it would be too impactful on his top lane presence. But Voli jumped up to the high-C tier. Having a keystone he doesn’t mind using – Aftershock – buffed also didn’t hurt.

Manamune/Muramana users

This didn’t really have a big impact on the top lane like it did in the mid lane. Only one top laner reliably uses either of these items, Ryze. He did improve to become a mid-to-high-C tier pick, but he’s still C tier like he was in 9.8.

Aftershock users

We touched on it above, but the Aftershock buffs definitely had an impact. Here are all the champions who take this keystone a significant portion of the time, and how their standing changed in comparison to Patch 9.8:

  • Nautilus (+ 0.082)
  • Maokai (+ 0.658)
  • Shen (+ 0.532)
  • Volibear (+ 0.538)
  • Singed (+ 0.587)
  • Sylas (- 0.018)

So, yeah, this keystone is pretty strong now.

Nerfed champions


The nerf to Akali’s W – Twilight Shroud caused her win rate and pick rate to both drop in Patch 9.9. That said, she’s still firmly in the middle of our B tier.


He ate nerfs to his Q – Rampage and E – Devastating Charge, which hurt him in both the jungle and top lane. It definitely hurt a lot more in top lane, since he’s still S tier in the jungle. Considering that he spams that Q in lane and could use the E damage in his all-ins, it makes sense that it would impact him more in lane.


The changes to move the bonus armor and magic resist off Kennen’s E – Lightning Rush to his R – Slicing Maelstrom is technically a nerf since he won’t have it available as often. That said, he remained about where he was in Patch 9.8, mid-to-low A tier.

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What are your thoughts on our top lane tier list? Let us know if your main is doing better in the comments below!