League of Legends: Yuumi Day 1 Expectations

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Release day for a new League of Legends champion is always an interesting time, and Yuumi’s is shaping up to be no exception. How well she’ll perform on day 1 is a good indication of how strong she might be, so let’s take a closer look at the Magical Cat’s stats prior to her release!

Though she’s intended to be a traditional enchanter support, Yuumi has plenty of interesting aspects to her kit. Her ability to flit through team fights, attaching to whichever ally needs her help the most, certainly gives her an interesting niche that most other champions will struggle to match. However, what we’re more interested in is how well she’ll perform on her first day.

First, let’s take a look at her base stats.

Mana: 400
Mana Per Level: 45
HP Per Level: 70
Base HP: 432.36
HP/5: 7
HP Regen Per Level: 0.11
Base MR: 25
MR per Level: 0.3
Base AD: 55
AD Per Level: 3.1
Base Armor: 25
Armor Per Level: 3
Attack Speed Per Level: 1
Base MoveSpeed: 330
Attack Range: 500

Sure is a bunch of numbers, isn’t it? However, there’s a lot of information we can pull about Yuumi from these totals.

Yuumi. League of Legends
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Most important of these stats is her base HP, which is listed at 432.36. It seems like a decent total at level one, but it’s substantially lower than every other champion in the game (barring Kled, but he benefits from Skaarl’s HP). That makes Yuumi even squishier than champs like Anivia or Sona, both of whom are renowned for how little HP they have early game. On top of that, Yuumi’s HP growth is a measly 70 per level, which is higher than only Kled (who, again, benefits from Skaarl’s HP Growth) and Gnar (who has Mega form to bolster his defenses).

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Add to that the worst MR growth in the game and Yuumi has shaped up to be the squishiest champion in the game, bar none. While her passive shield does help even out her durability just a little bit, Yuumi has to be able to auto attack an enemy champion to get it – and since her attack range is a fairly low 500 units, she has to really put herself in harm’s way to proc it. If Yuumi’s not attached to a friend, she’s almost certain to die in short order.

And while you’d expect Yuumi’s heal to make up the shortcomings, it’s not exactly the strongest healing ability there is. Zoomies can only heal for 130 (+40% AP) hitpoints at maximum, and that’s when being cast on a target at 20% HP or lower.

For comparison, Nami’s W – Ebb and Flow can heal up to 160 hit points, without counting AP scalings, and Sona can heal both herself and a nearby ally for 110 hit points. Yuumi can double-tap with Zoomies to bolster her healing in a pinch, but since she only gains a charge every 14 seconds at max rank, it still means her ability to sustain in lane is quite low.

However, it’s not all bad for the Magical Cat. R – Final Chapter, her ultimate, is crazy strong.

While the damage isn’t super high, the fact that it can root an entire team for almost two seconds, and is nigh-unavoidable, means that Yuumi can really nail enemies in a team fight while being untargetable herself. She just has to actually reach team fights – which might be a problem.

Ultimately,  it wouldn’t be surprising to see Yuumi rocking a sub-45% win rate on her first day out. Her odd attaching mechanic, on top of generally poor numbers, means that most players will struggle to make her work even in winning games. Riot is almost guaranteed to hotfix her before the day is out, despite her unique playstyle, but it likely won’t be until a month following her release that Yuumi stabilizes.

That’s not to say that Yuumi won’t be fun to play – she looks like a blast – but I wouldn’t expect to accomplish much with her until she’s gotten a few buffs under her belt.

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