League of Legends Patch 9.11 tier list – jungle edition

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Riot Games - Karthus is a premier pick for a jungler
Karthus. League of Legends. /

Falling Champions

Rammus (A+ to A tier)

He’s gone from very good to just “ok.” Those nerfs from Patch 9.11 didn’t just knock him out of S tier from all but one of the sites we audited, it knocked Rammus’s win rate down to below 50% (to 49.9%, but still).

Karthus (S to B+ tier)

We touched in the mid lane tier list that the nerfs in Patch 9.11 were so severe they needed to be walked back in a mid-patch update. The fact that only two sites give Karthus an A grade drops him out of the S tier.

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Kindred (B+ to B tier)

No real reason for this drop due to nerfs or poor win rate (Kindred is still above 51% right now). That said, Kindred got fewer A and S grades in this patch (three) as opposed to Patch 9.10 (two) so opinion might be souring as more sites consider them to be closer to just “above average” than “elite.”

Master Yi (A to C tier)

Like Karthus, the nerfs Master Yi got needed to be walked back because the immediate impact was so severe. Three different sites we looked at rated Master Yi in their D tier, which only happened once in the previous four patches combined.

Udyr (B to C tier)

Udyr was one of those champions who thrived in the early skirmishing meta since he could easily take and fight over Scuttle Crabs at level two with his Bear Stance and Tiger Stance. Now, though, he has struggled incredibly. Even though his win rate is over 52%, as many sites have him in their D tier as do in their A tier.

Ivern (B to C tier)

Always an enigma, Ivern currently sits at a 51.1% win rate in high elo. While half of the sites we audited put him in their B or A tiers, three of the other sites had him in their F tiers.