League of Legends: LEC Power rankings Week 2

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The results of the second week of the LEC placed six teams at 3rd place. Which rosters are destined for success and who will fail to reach playoffs? Here’s the breakdown in the LEC week 2 power rankings.

Europe, the best region in League of Legends right now, has yet to determine their number one team after four games. G2 Esports and Fnatic find themselves at the top of the table with four wins each and will face off this Friday to claim the number one spot.

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As it stands, two teams are tied at 1st, six teams are tied at 3rd, and two sit at the bottom of the league table. To break them up and create a hierarchy, we’ve ranked each team from 1-10 in our week 2 power rankings.

10. Excel Esports (0-4)

Every yin has its yang, and if G2 Esports is the pinnacle of European League of Legends, then Excel Esports are certainly the worst it has to offer right now. Once again Excel sits dead last in the standings without a single win to their name and the worst part is they haven’t yet faced any of Europe’s top three teams.

Week two should be the lowest point of Excel Esports in the Summer Split. Both games against Misfits Gaming and Splyce were lost in the first five minutes as the team looked to make clever plays to build a gold lead and completely failed, handing huge early advantages to their opponents. Usually you could point to individual mistakes on struggling teams in the LEC, but in this case, the entire roster is failing to implement the basic League of Legends fundamentals on both a macro and micro level.

Fortunately, the UK org will face fellow 0-4 roster Team Vitality in week three and will be given a massive opportunity to put their first win on the board. Failing to do so could see Excel spiral towards a 0-9 start to the Summer Split as they still have clashes against Fnatic, G2, and Origen to look forward to in the coming weeks.

9. Team Vitality (0-4)

Just when Team Vitality fans thought it couldn’t get any worse they were forced to watch their team fall to 10th place from Spring, Rogue, and humiliated by G2 Esports in week two. Arguably, Team Vitality are currently the worst team in the LEC as they’ve shown zero fight and some members have been borderline inting throughout their first four games. Right now, the only player on the roster that looks LEC caliber is top laner Cabochard, but he can’t do it all on his own.

Vitality needs to reset, both mentally and in-game. Start utilizing the undoubtedly talented Jiizuke in the middle lane to create advantages and spread them around the map. Ignore bottom lane, Mowgli needs to stem the bleeding by forcing plays around solo laners and hope they can snowball a gold lead. Otherwise, playoffs look well off the cards for this Vitality team right now and they might find themselves in a fight to avoid 10th place alongside Excel Esports at the end of the season.

8. Rogue (2-2)

After several changes during the mid-season break, this new Rogue line-up looks Inspired to reach playoffs in the Summer Split. Week two saw last split’s 10th place team equal their wins from the Spring and have come on leaps and bounds from their dreadful performance in the first half of the season.

Nonetheless, it’s important not to get carried away with this squad as they’ve looked unconvincing in their two victories so far, up against 9th and 10th place teams, Excel Esports and Team Vitality. Rogue has also fallen flat when facing the rosters around them, like Misfits and SK, and so we should be careful when creating our expectations for them in the Summer Split.

Overall there’s no doubt that Spring Rogue and Summer Rogue are completely different outfits; the mid-jungle duo of Inspired and Larssen have built a monstrous center of the map to facilitate roams and dragon plays early in the game. Simply put, this team need to continue the excellent progress they’ve shown so far and polished their late-game shot calling in order to take down the other 2-2 squads and secure themselves a place in the playoffs.

7. Splyce (2-2)

7th place. Not great, not terrible.

Splyce may have always represented the bridge between the top 2/3 teams and the rest of Europe, but that position might slip this season as their competitors have improved drastically but Splyce remains the same. The team’s only wins this split has come against 0/4 Team Vitality and 0/4 Excel Esports, and that tells you all you need to know about Splyce so far in Summer.

Nonetheless, they’re still in joint 3rd place (along with five other teams) and have every chance to challenge Europe’s top three in playoffs. In week two we were treated to two Vizicsacsi shows, one on Poppy and one on Kennen, as the Hungarian top laner looked to drag his team across the line despite their heavy resistance.

Ultimately Splyce’s mid-jungle duo has been their downfall so far, as they look like one of the worst in the league currently. While the seven teams above or around them have developed mid lane synergy during the off-season, Xerxe seems to have forgotten that Humanoid exists so far in Summer. But there’s still time for Splyce, and if they can remedy this in the coming weeks, they can reclaim their place in the playoffs and push towards Worlds qualification with 30 championship points already in the bag.

6. Schalke 04 (2-2)

Schalke 04 are the third of many 2-2 teams heading into week three as the LEC squads continue to battle it out to create distance between themselves and their competitors. But for Schalke, there’s a tad too much battling and not enough winning.

Failing to reach playoffs in the Spring Split was a disaster for the German organization after their terrific end to 2018 and there’s a long way to go if they’re to re-establish themselves as a top of the table team. The introduction of Korean jungler Trick has been a fruitful move so far and has put S04 back on track to reclaim their playoff spot.

Nevertheless, the team still has a long way to go before they can even be considered to be Worlds qualification contenders, especially given their current tally of 0 championship points heading into Summer.