LoL Esports Manager: The new League of Legends sports-simulator

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During League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary stream, Riot Games announced LoL Esports Manager, Riot’s first trip into the sports-manager genre of video games. Here’s why Lol Esports Manager shouldn’t be overlooked.

Following a jam-packed livestream for League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary, in which Riot dropped a whole host of announcements that were sure to get the average League of Legends player beyond excited, LoL Esports Manager was announced to be launching in 2020. Now you may be wondering, what the heck is LoL Esports Manager?

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LoL Esports Manager is Riot’s first experiment in the sports-manager genre of games, which is primarily dominated by the likes of Sports Interactive’s Football Manager, a game that has a new installment drop year after year that people sink hundreds of hours into. Effectively, the player gets to act as manager of a professional football club without controlling the actual in-game action.

Sports-manager simulators are always great fun for those who enjoy strategy type games, which is a huge aspect of League of Legends, so it only seems like a natural fit to integrate League of Legends esports into a game like this. While you don’t get to take control of the players, these games involve the backroom aspect of running organizations. This is a major announcement for people heavily invested in the esports aspect of League, but this game shouldn’t be overlooked by casual League players either.

Normally, you get to take charge of transfers and contracts with your player, tactics and much more. Those aspects will remain in LoL Esports Manager, but a new great aspect that is integrated on the League side of things is being able to do your team’s Pick and Ban phase prior to a game. This will give a casual player a great understanding of the immense thought that goes into drafting a winning composition.

It will be interesting to see how Riot incorporates some other aspects of running an esports team. The game intends to give you two options of play: A single-player mode in which you experience the game through a single protagonist or going head to head with your friends online in a ranked mode.

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The game will launch with one playable league, China’s LPL, but will look to expand that team pool with patches and free updates further down the line. In a huge day of announcements, make sure you catch the release of LoL Esports Manager in 2020!