League of Legends: the 10 scariest things in a solo queue game

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Hauntling. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As Halloween approaches, we felt it fitting to let you know what to fear in your next solo queue game.

Halloween is normally a time to be afraid of zombies, vampires, monsters, ghosts, goblins, evil clowns, mummies, and ventriloquist dolls (don’t laugh those things are creepy!). But when you’re queuing up for a solo queue game in League of Legends, creatures and ghouls aren’t what you need to fear. Here are the ten scariest things to encounter in your next solo queue game.

1. The dark

It’s the most common fear from our childhoods, the unnerving silence and pitch blackness of the unknown surrounding you. Every rustle in the night, every creak and crack in the floorboards would send you bolting under the covers.

On Summoner’s Rift, the fear of walking through the dark portions of the map can be equally frightening. Luckily, just as your parents would plug in a night-lite to help you sleep, you and your teammates can light up the dark corners of the Rift to ease your minds.

2. Blood

A lot of people get freaked out when they see themselves get cut or even when they get their blood drawn. If so, you might want to look away when you’re going up against a Darius in the top lane as he cuts you over and over again, or when Draven puts axe after axe into your body.

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3. Bugs

Most of us hate bugs, those creepy crawly little creatures who just want to slither their slimy bodies all over you. As much as your skin might crawl imagining being in a tank of worms or beetles, the thought of seeing an Elise, Kha’Zix, or Kog’Maw come out the brush will give you goosebumps. Well, up until they kill you.

4. Flying

A lot of people don’t like flying because it feels unnatural to us as humans to be up so high. There’s a lack of control, knowing that if something goes wrong and we begin to fall out of the sky we’re doomed. That’s basically the feeling one gets when they’re knocked into the air by a Poppy or Malphite ult.

5. Thunderstorms

Every good haunted house movie features at least one scene that takes place at night during a thunderstorm. The storms add a feeling of trepidation and fear, as the darkness is punctuated by erratic moments of flickering light and loud noises. Just the same way that Volibear can channel the storm to throw out bolts of lightning to shoot you down.

6. Isolation/being trapped

Claustrophobia is a fairly common fear among people. We don’t like feeling imprisoned or confined to a small space without any way for us to get out. It may not be as tight a fit as a crawl space or ventilation duct, but getting caught in one of Jarvan or Camille’s ults can instill that same feeling of being trapped.

7. Germs and getting sick

Hypochondriacs are convinced they are always sick, but plenty of people are mysophobic and engage in extreme, compulsive cleaning and hand-washing. Don’t let those people know about how they can be “infected” by champions such as Malzahar, Twitch, or Singed. Some extra bleach won’t be effective to clean their game of those champions or their teammates encouraging them to have a drink (please don’t do that).

8. Needles

Yes, a lot of us hate getting our shots and might even get squeamish at the notion of having a needle stuck into our arm, even if there won’t be gushing blood. Try not to keep that same visual of a needle in your mind th next time Fiora lunges at you with her sword.

9. Death

Death is a natural, normal part of life. Whether our own, our friends, our family’s, or our favorite streamer’s, death is coming for us all. And that might freak a lot of people out, despite that knowledge.

Similarly, in a game of League of Legends, death is likely going to be coming for you and your teammates. Whether it’s the enemy team’s Varus sniping you as you run away, that one last tower shot, or an embarrassing loss in the duel with wolves, death surrounds you in League of Legends. Embrace it, don’t fear it, if you want to succeed.

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10. Public speaking/strangers

This is the most common fear in the world, being around a group of people you don’t know and having to perform for them. Although you don’t have to give a big speech to a full lecture hall to get through a solo queue game you do have to deal with, well, other people.

Between all the flamers and toxic players on your team, the enemy players needling you or your teammates, and the constant threats of reports flying hither and thither, being in a lobby with strangers is probably the scariest thing about playing League of Legends. Worse yet, you have to depend on those strangers to win your promos.