League of Legends TFT: 10 things you need to know about Patch 9.22

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends Patch 9.22 is set to drop in just a few days and it will bring some bring the Rise of the Elements to TFT. Here are 10 things you should know before the patch drops.

Patch 9.22 will not only bring changes to League of Legends but also some massive changes to Teamfight Tactics. With Rise of the Elements set to drastically change the TFT meta, here are the 10 most important things you should know before the patch drops.

1. Ranked will be down

With so many huge changes coming with Patch 9.22 Riot has announced that the ranked queue will be disabled for the two weeks during the patch. This is, in my opinion, a very smart move by Riot to prevent people from taking advantage of the chaos, imbalance, and possible bugs that will inevitably be caused by all the changes from this patch. It will give players a chance to learn the new meta and get prepared for when the ranked queue returns in 9.23, so make sure to get plenty of practice in!

2. The board is expanding

In its present form, the TFT board is made up of three rows of seven hexagons to hold units. That will change in Patch 9.22 as the board is expanded to four rows (still of seven hexagons). While this won’t allow for players to put more units on the board due to team size restrictions, it will create a lot of new avenues to position units.

3. There will be returning champions and traits

In case you’re nervous that Patch 9.22 is going to be completely foreign to you if you haven’t been paying attention, fret not. 13 of the 51 champions will be returning from Set 1, though maybe not in the same way you remember. Some of the units will have different costs, Origins, or Classes from Set 1.

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Speaking of Origins and Classes, yes there will be some traits that are returning in Set 2. For instance, Glacial will return as an Origin in Patch 9.22 and will function basically the same way as it did during Set 1.

4. New champions and traits

On the flip side, there will, obviously, be a bunch of new champions, Origins, and Classes that will require some time to learn. Although there are far too many to go through now (we listed out all the champions and traits here) it presents a unique chance to learn which comps will be strongest.

5. Elemental hexes

With the board expanding, Riot has also introduced a new mechanic to liven up diversity within the board. In each game, four random hexes will have an elemental effect, giving a buff to the unit on that space. These hexes will be uniform across all players boards, so no one will get a random advantage thanks to the gods of RNG.

There will be four possible elemental effects for these hexes. Ocean provides bonus mana at the start of combat, Inferno gives bonus attack speed, Wind gives the unit a dodge chance, and Mountain grants bonus points. These hexes will not only make each game of TFT feel unique, but they will also shape how players position and which comps they play towards.

6. The first champion with changing Origins comes

Qiyana will be a new unit in TFT after Patch 9.22 drops, but she will also be coming with a unique twist. Based on which elemental hexes are on the player’s board, her Origin will shift to that element. This means that she will have one of four random Origins each game, depending on how the board forms.

7. Player damage is being adjusted

Riot has been repeatedly making adjustments to the player damage following rounds in TFT. With the Rise of the Elements coming, they will again be making an adjustment to the base damage taken after a round by the losing player. This damage will remain the same early, but be slightly lower late.

8. Items aren’t changing

After the introduction of the Brawlers Glove line, it makes sense that overhauling the item system wouldn’t be a top priority at the start of a new TFT season. There’ll be a few new items added along the Spatula line (to align with the new Origins that are coming) and Cursed Blade is being removed and replaced with Runaan’s Hurricane. Other than that, there’s no real reason to update your item guide yet!

9. There will be fewer units available

One interesting adjustment that Rito Games is going to make to TFT is the fact that they will be decreasing the number of units in the “bag.” That means there will be a smaller chance to find multiples of the same unit, particularly those at higher tiers of champions. Even 1 gold units are going to be tough to upgrade if other people are building them, with the “bag” size dropping from 39 per game to 29 per game.

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10. The first 7g unit

That’s right, Lux is entering the game and will be TFT’s first unit to cost more than 5 gold. At 7g, Lux is poised to be one of the most powerful units in Teamfight Tactics thanks to the fact that she, like Qiyana, has multiple possible Origins (unlike Qiyana, Lux can have any Origin in TFT), and has a massive AoE ult.