League of Legends Worlds 2019: Top five Finals storylines

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games /
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The League of Legends World Championship has completed four intense rounds of gameplay. We discuss some storylines to watch for during the finals of Worlds 2019.

The League of Legends World Championship only has one series left to play. It’s G2, the home team out of host region Europe and FunPlus Phoenix the new hot-shots out of the LPL left to fight for the top prize in all of League of Legends. Here are five storylines to watch out for during this final matchup of Worlds 2019.

1. A first-time champion

G2 and FunPlus Phoenix are brand new to this stage of the World tournament. G2 got to the semi-finals in last year’s World Championship, which was the farthest round they have ever reached. FunPlus Phoenix is making their Worlds debut in 2019 and already have reached a final.

It looks to be a fight between two squads eager to bring home their first-ever Worlds title. The only question is will it be the European super team in G2, or the rapidly ascending LPL champion FunPlus Phoenix?

2.  Another 3-1 series?

This number has shown up a lot this tournament. Two of the four play-in knockout stage matches were decided by this score. Yet more importantly every series in the quarterfinals and semi-finals was decided by this score as well.

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3-1 seems to be the magic number in the best of fives at Worlds 2019 and we could very well see it happening again in the finals. Neither team looks like they will be in a position to be swept thanks to their strong play pretty much throughout the entire tournament,but with only one best of five going the full length this entire tournament I would have to think the popular pick here is this series goes 3-1.

G2 probably has a different number racing in the back of their mind though and that number is 3-0.  That was the final score of last years Grand Finals between Fnatic and Invictus Gaming, or the 3-0 win that G2 collected over Team Liquid in the 2019 MSI finals. Here’s hoping if you’re a G2 fan it’s the latter 3-0 result  and not a repeat of last year’s 3-0 result  in this years LPL vs. LEC finals.

3. Bases loaded

Lets’s treat League of Legends like baseball for a second. G2 is the team up at the plate. The first hitter/round is the group stage and they advance and collect a hit.

This puts a base runner on first. Then a quarterfinal win over Damwon Gaming and there’s another hit and runner on. Then after a victory over SKT in the semi-finals we have a third hit in a row and a bases-loaded situation.

All G2 has to do to score those runs is get another hit, or in this case win another series. Also much like a home run with the bases loaded G2 is looking to complete the grand slam with a World Championship win. In this case, FunPlus Phoenix is playing the role of the hot-shot closing pitcher that throws 100 MPH and sends hitters back to the dugout faster than the clip of the hitters walk-up music.

This is the situation every team lives for and there are  heroes to be made on the Rift. The question is will it be G2 rounding the bases after a historic victory, or FunPlus playing spoiler on G2’s home field.