League of Legends Weird Wednesday: Sword and Shield

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Pokemon Sword and Shield aren’t the only ones dominating the battleground. Here are all the League of Legends champions that can brawl with a sword or shield.

With Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out recently, I figured “hey League of Legends has plenty of swords and shields in the game, might as well write about it.” Granted it’s not as big on monster fights as Pokemon is, but it is a lot cheaper being free to play. So if you’re looking to take a break and try a different game hit the Rift with one of these champions that fight with the title weapons of the newest Pokemon games.

Sword Champions

These champions use swords as their main weapon. Note there are a lot of champions that have other bladed weapons that I didn’t consider swords so they won’t be on the list. Though if you’re looking to channel a sword wielder these champs are for you.


Yasuo is one of the most well-known League of Legends champions so it made sense to put on the list first. The first line of his bio describes him as an “agile swordsman who yields the wind against his enemies.”

The sword is used in pretty much all of his abilities, including a “shield” of sorts in wind wall his W. Fear his steel blade if he is on the enemy team, but beware of feeding if he’s on your team.


Gangplank might be more well-known for his gun and barrels but he also wields a cutlass sword that is his main melee weapon and causes burn damage. So even if you don’t decide to buy a Bilgewater Cutlass item for him he always has his sword ready to battle.


Kayle wields a celestial sword that works to deliver divine justice. It works as both a melee weapon and a ranged one has she scales as she levels up. The sword also has healing and an invulnerability ability it can grant to herself or a teammate making this a really powerful blade.

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The Barbarian King wields a big sword to crush his enemies or opposing towers. He spins to win with his sword, much like another champion on this list, and does it for the Freljord. So if you want to split push with your sword to bring victory use Tryndamere.

Master Yi

The Wuju Bladesman dons his sword and gets into the thick of battle. While there he doesn’t stop until he has defeated every enemy and racked up glorious pentakills or gets killed in like three seconds flat.

Master Yi strikes hard and fast with the sound of steel coming at you while he is hidden. He doesn’t take much mastery but can help in your climb out of lower elos if you hire his blade.


Garen is one of League of Legends’ most well-known champions. In season nine he has seen a lot more play and is pretty powerful, ranking in Patch 9.22’s A tier for top lane.

Garen is pretty much your stereotypical knight character, he uses his sword to rush into battle and kill the enemy.  He is able to spin his blade to win or finish off challengers with a mighty sword blow on this R to execute champions. This champ is absolute worth using if you want to use a sword in battle.


Riven is a swordmaster from Noxus and uses a rune sword to slash her way to victory. She is a fairly popular champion to one-trick and a bit of a rival to Yasuo. So if you’re still looking for an edgy champ that you can play a lot of, but you don’t like Yasuo I would try Riven.


Fiora is a duelist, in fact, her title is the Grand Duelist. She doesn’t have a massive sword but instead fancies a rapier of blue steel.

This allows her to block attacks as well as strike hard and fast, but still with precision. She excels at one versus one matchups and split pushing so if you like either of those she should fit nicely into your top lane champion pool.


The final blade champion to discuss is the Darkin Blade, Aatrox. Aatrox has been a champion that has seen plenty of play in both solo q and professional play during Season 9. While primarily a top lane pick, he was also flexed to the mid lane and jungle.

He also was such a popular champion that he received the victorious skin for season nine. He swings the Darkin blade to have his enemies parish and could be another sword using champion to add to your champion pool.