League of Legends: 5 weapons that should be added to Aphelios’ arsenal

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

The next addition to the League of Legends roster, Aphelios, has five weapons to choose from throughout the game. Here are a few options we think should be added to that list.

Many have claimed that players will require over 200 IQ in order to completely understand Aphelios’ kit when he is released sometime in December. The next League of Legends champion has a new-look ability bar HUD to house his unique skills, including FIVE weapons for him to cycle through during a game. His arsenal includes a rifle, a pistol, a cannon, a flamethrower, and a boomerang, all provided by his sister Alune from the spirit realm.

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As a marksman intended to be played in the AD Carry role, it comes as no surprise that all five of these interchangeable weapons are ranged to allow Aphelios to compete with other champions in that class. That being said, surely with his sister Alune crafting up the choices for him, she could have thrown in a few curveballs to make the new champion even more interesting and innovative.

For that reason, we’ve decided to pinpoint five more weapons that could be added to Aphelios’ arsenal to increase the intrigue surrounding him, diversify his playstyle further, and possibly increase the frustration that is ever-growing between the player base and the champion design team. If the balance team is ever interested in increasing Aphelios’ weapon choices from five to ten, we’d love them to take a look at these options:

1) Bow & Arrow

With so many different weapons in his kit, it’s somewhat surprising that Aphelios hasn’t joined the likes of Ashe, Kindred, and Varus as yet another bow-wielding marksman in League of Legends.

As his bio states on his Universe page, Aphelios was previously armed with moonstone blades before his sister Alune began to supply him with weapons to protect the Lunari. If these blades were to be morphed into moonstone tipped arrows to be used with a bow, it would be a pretty interesting link back to his lore.

That being said, with so many bow users already in the list of champions, you can see why the design team opted to avoid that particular weapon on this occasion.

2) Melee Weapon

Jayce, Nidalee, and Kayle to a certain extent, are the only current melee/ranged hybrids in League of Legends, so it would have been nice to see Aphelios added to that roster, particularly with the ability to be offered both types of weapon during a game.

A sword, a stick, even his moonstone blades as daggers would have sufficed in taking the new champion to a whole new level, opening up many more possibilities in-game depending on the relative strength of each weapon. Then again, it could have resulted in a balancing nightmare that could see the melee weapon go completely unused, not to mention the community backlash of even more unique aspects to an already overloaded kit.

But, if we’re just looking at the fun aspect of the champion, throw a hammer in there Alune!

3) Lamppost

When Jax said “Imagine if I had a real weapon” I felt that.

If Aphelios wants to prove himself as the strongest champion in League of Legends, he needs to put down his ranged weapons, pick up a lamppost, and challenge Jax to a 1v1 in the Baron pit. Jax believes that he is the strongest combatant on Summoner’s Rift, so instead of using a “real weapon” he picks up a lamppost to give his opponents a “sporting chance”.

So, imagine if Aphelios gets fed and he’s up against an enemy Jax. Are you telling me he wouldn’t ask Alune to send him a lamppost to challenge Jax with? No way. Put a lamppost in as a hidden sixth weapon purely for 1v1s against Jax.

4) Ray Gun

Scrap the whole Alune sister armory idea and replace her with a Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box. Have Aphelios travel around different areas of the map, spending gold to open the box for 1 mystery weapon, then using it in lane or in team fights to earn more gold for more boxes.

By doing this, you also open up so many other weapon possibilities. Throw a Ray Gun in the box, an AK-47, or just a knife. You could even put perk machines around Summoner’s Rift.

It’s completely understandable that this could be a copyright, coding, and balancing nightmare. So just put it on an Aphelios skin and watch your revenue skyrocket, Riot Games.

5) Words

Why must we fight? Can we not all be friends? Why is Aphelios not spreading the holy word of the Lunari and striving for world peace?

Having lost his sister after she was forced to hide in the spirit realm to avoid a battle, surely Aphelios would prefer if all future conflicts were stopped and there was no more violence in Runeterra? Alune should take away his weapons and arm him with one thing: The Lunari Bible to spread his religion and peaceful ways through Summoner’s Rift hoping for others to join his pacifism.

If his fellow League of Legends champions have any compassion, surely they will join Aphelios and fight for peace in Runeterra, making words the most powerful weapon of all.

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What weapons would you like to see added to Aphelios’ kit? Do you think he should have melee weapons? Let us know in the comments!