League of Legends: best skin sale deals for the week of December 2, 2019

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With plenty of League of Legends skins on sale this week here are the ones you should consider buying!

League of Legends has a new set of 15 skins on sale this week. Which skins should you buy and which should you pass on? I’ll be ranking all the skins available for purchase on sale this week.

15. Earth Rune Skarner

We start off the list with one of the cheaper skins on sale at half off for 260 RP. However, this isn’t really a bargain.

The skin looks outdated and more of a chroma than a skin. Sadly Skarner lacks a good set of skins and he is in dire need of a new one. This should be picked up if your really a Skarner fan, or have a few spare RP with nothing else to buy.

14. Marauder Warwick.

If you’re looking for a new Warwick skin you can try this one for 375 RP and a savings of half off. However, this skin is pretty underwhelming as it’s pretty much just armor on Warwick. But, hey, it’s cheap if you want one for him.

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13.Gothic Orianna

This is another cheaper skin at 260 RP and  half off, but it also feels like an older skin. It might not even be her worst skin, but it really isn’t the best one for her either. With winter coming up we could see her Winter Wonderland skin, which is the one I would wait for, or even try dark star.

12. High Noon Twisted Fate

It’s sad to have this skin so low as I really like the High Noon skin line, most notably the newest additions Ashe and Hecarim. Yet when compared to the rest of that line it just doesn’t stand out as a must-buy this week.  He can be picked up for 487 RP at half off savings if you want to take a chance on it anyway.

11. Archduke Nasus

This one checks in at a sale price of 450 RP and 40% off. It just looks a bit silly and, while fun, I just feel isn’t one of his best skins. If you want a light-hearted one go for it, if not look elsewhere (I would recommend Galactic Nasus for 520 RP instead).

10. Pickpocket Twitch

The rat turns into a thief for a mere total of 337 RP at 55% savings, but again I don’t feel like it’s a great skin, just a cheap one. It does look clean visually, but I just feel like you’re better off with Gangster Twitch for pretty much the same aesthetic.

9. Elderwood Bard

This one is decent, but not my favorite in the Elderwood skin line. It’s probably not my favorite Bard skin either, with that honor going to Snow Day Bard, which should be available soon. If you wanted to wonder the Rift looking for Meeps you could add this skin at a reasonable price of 487 RP.

8. Cutthroat Graves

This skin is growing on me to be honest. It doesn’t look that bad and is fairly cheap at 337 RP and 55% off.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll give up Mafia, Pool Party, or Snow Day Graves for it. At least it’s better than Hired Gun which is the 520 RP skin also available for Graves at the moment.

7. Death Blossom Kha Zix

This skin has the lowest discount of the week by percentage off at 25. This gives it a sale price of 731 RP. To me, that seems a bit pricy for a “sale.”

The skin itself looks cool with Kha having multiple colors depending on his evolutions on his ultimate. Still, I do feel like if it was priced at like 500, or even 600 RP instead of 731, it would be a better deal.

6.Resistance Illaoi

This is probably the best skin of the two for Illaoi. At 675 RP it seems a bit high of a price, even though that is half off. I do still think you should get it if you play Illaoi though as it is a pretty cool skin. 

5. Lunar Wraith Sylas

This skin is on sale for 877 RP at only 35% off making it the most expensive of all the skins on sale this week. It’s Sylas’ only skin so if you want something for him this is it.

As just a bargain, I don’t think it’s a great price for it as the discount is pretty low, yet it is a pretty cool skin. Chromas are also available for 2000 Blue Essence at the essence emporium which could help you get an even better deal on this skin.

4. Blood Moon Aatrox

This is a sweet skin. It’s dark and fits in with Aatrox perfectly in terms of theme. The sale price for it is 675 at half off which is a bit high, but for a newer skin, it’s well worth it.

3. Demon Vi

This one is one of my personal favorites for some inexplicable reason. It doesn’t look like it would be a great skin, but it is. I just feel like the demon theme fits well with Vi’s personality and I also like her Passive – Blast Shield‘s shield that has a cool silver and blood-red color. At 607 RP it is a little more expensive but way better than paying full price for it.

2. Battlecast Vel’koz

This was a strong contender for the skin of the week. It’s sleek its modern its got lasers for crying out loud.

Vel’koz doesn’t have a huge line of skins to pick out, but none of them are bad skins. While this one isn’t as cool as Arclight, which is probably his best skin, it is cheaper. This is a good deal worth picking up.

1. Headhunter Caitlyn

This is my top skin of the week. It has a good price at 487 RP and half off and a neat theme to it. It’s almost a lighter version of Pulsefire without the big price tag. I think this one is well worth it to pick up this week at a discount.

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Overall it’s a decent grouping of skins on sale. I think most players can find something they like from this week’s collection of skins on sale!