League of Legends: Skin sale for the week of December 9th 2019

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With plenty of League of Legends skins on sale this week here are the ones you should consider buying!

League of Legends has a new set of 15 skins on sale this week. Which skins should you buy and which should you pass on? I’ll be ranking all the skins available for purchase on sale this week.

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15. Junkyard Trundle

This skin is only 375 RP after a savings of half off. This skin feels old and just not worth getting unless you need something cheap for Trundle. He has way better options unless you like the theme of trolls and junk.

14. Fisherman Fizz

This is a discount of half off as well and is 487 RP. This skin is pretty old-looking as well.

I do like the theme as it’s pretty silly to see Fizz look like the Gordon’s fisherman, However it just doesn’t look that great compared to other Fizz skins, or even the other skins on sale this week.

13. Officer Caitlyn

This skin is on sale for 487 RP and half off, but it doesn’t really stand out to me. It’s a pretty basic skin that feels over priced to me even with the discount. Skip this skin this week.

12. Boneclaw Shyvana

This is an ok offering if you prefer something cheaper. For 338 RP and 35 % off you can add this to your collection.

As far as skins go you could do worse, but you can do better. I just feel like 338 RP might be a bit more than its worth.

11. Giant Enemy Crabgot

This is a bit of an odd-ball skin. Like, how they got crab out of Urgot I have no clue. It is a bit funny and it is also cheap at 208 RP and 60% off. Yet it doesn’t scream “must have” to me for this week.

10. Firefang Warwick

This is one of the better skins for Warwick, because he looks good in a fiery orange. Yet it might feel like it’s only a chroma to some people. 487 RP and half off might seem like enough of a discount for that type of skin, which is why I didn’t give it a high rating this week.

9. Full Metal Pantheon

The Pantheon rework turned out well and the rework skins look more modern and cool. This one fits that description.

It’s only 390 RP after saving 60% off this week. I do think if you like Pantheon you should buy it, but I also feel like there is better options if you want to outfit your spartan warrior.

8. Pool Party Zoe

Zoe has a fun-loving personality and this skin line works well with it. Yet at 877 RP and a discount of only 35% I feel like it’s best to wait to buy this skin. 

7. Blood Moon Pyke

For 877 RP and 30 % off you can pick up Blood Moon Pyke. I’m not a Pyke fan, but this isn’t a bad skin. It might just be a bit higher priced than I would want to spend for it too. I also don’t feel the discount is as good because of the next addition to the list.

6. Sand Wraith Pyke

Yep Pyke fans are lucky this week with two discounted skins. For half off and 675 RP you can get Sand Wraith Pyke. This skin to me if the better buy because it’s cheaper, but if you main Pyke I don’t think it’s a bad idea to pick up either of them on discount.

5. Mecha Aurelion Sol

This is a pretty cool skin as most of the Mecha skin line is. With limited skin choices for Aurelion Sol it isn’t a bad idea to buy them when they are on sale. If you want to add this skin to your collection it’s going to be 675 RP and you will save 50%.

4. Galactic Azir

This might be the most underrated skin of the week. It actually looks really cool. It also has a nice discounted price of 438 RP and 55% off. It’s a clean-looking skin that is absolutely worth buying.

3. Pool Party Gangplank

The Pool Party skin line is one of my favorites and this skin is no exception. It’s fun to see Gangplank loosen up a bit and wear a Hawaiian shirt and shoot a water pistol. I also like how the barrels turn into fruit depending on which chroma you get. With winter coming and colder temperatures coming this is a good skin to remind you of summer days for 675 RP at a discount of half off.

2. Arcade Kai’sa

The Arcade line is another one of my favorites. Arcade Kai’sa is no exception.

It is different as it has a yellow color scheme which is a lot lighter than her other skins, which are dark purple or silver. It’s definitely a nice change of pace for Kai’sa players. It is only 27% off and 975 RP, but it’s well worth it.

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1. Pentakill Olaf

My top skin of the week goes to Olaf. The skin is on sale for 390 RP at 60% off.  This skin line is really cool and Olaf fits it well. He becomes a cowboy rocker a la Stacy Jax from Rock of Ages complete with hat and skulls on his ax blades.

It isn’t the best offering of skins this week, yet there are several skins worth picking up this week.