League of Legends: Return of the Funko Pops

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The League of Legends collectible returns for a short while for fans who missed out.

If you’re looking to buy something League of Legends-related for holiday shopping I might just have an idea. A few years ago a set of Funko pops were released for the League of Legends games, which are still available to buy as a gift for the League of Legends fan on your list. One of these, however, was only available from attending the 2016 World Championship.

If you did attend that event you could pick up an exclusive DJ Sona Concussive pop figure. Since then, it hasn’t been available. Now, for the first time in three years, DJ Sona Concussive Funko pop has been re-released by Riot and is available at the merchandise store at this very moment.

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Because the original figure was only available at the 2016 World Championships, it has become the rarest and most valuable pop figure in the League of Legends line. According to pop price guides, a website that tells you when pops are for sale and how collectible they are the original  DJ Sona Concussive figure is worth about $240. That’s a decent amount of money for a collectible that averages around $10-$15 in a retail price. Most of the other League of Legends Funko items don’t sell anywhere near that price with the next most expensive one being a Teemo at about $40.

The new DJ Sona concussive pop is available for a mere $20 on the riot merchandise site.  Well at least it was. As of this writing it is now marked as sold out and unavailable to purchase at that $20 price point.

This is a bit disappointing. I really like to collect Funko pops and this one would go great in my collection. Having not been introduced to the game yet in 2016 I was unaware this one even existed, nor the rest of the collection.

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While I have come across a couple of the pops at GameStop it doesn’t seem like they were very popular, seince we have yet to see any new ones made since the 2016 first wave. Maybe if the Dj Sona rerelease sold well it could lead the way for more League of Legends pops in the future.