League of Legends: Mecha Kingdoms Skins Hit PBE

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Mecha Kingdoms to be amongst the newest skins in League of Legends.

The other day Riot gave us a new trailer showcasing the release of a new skin line called Mecha Kingdoms for League of Legends. The initial trailer featured Jax and said that there would be five new pilots added to the skin line. Today  we now know who those champions are that will become pilots: Jax, Draven, Garen, Leona, and Sett.

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The Jax one looks good with gold armor and a glowing fire coming from his lamp. It’s nice to see Jax have a more modern skin as well as it’s been a while since he got one.  I think it also stands out as having him in a new line rather than overlapping skin lines for his other cosmetic options, so I recommend Jax players get this one, for sure, when it comes out.

The next skin in the line is Draven. This one is kind of surprise to me though it is nice to see Draven get a new skin. This is definitely a different look for Draven with all the armor, but I’m just not sure if I 100 percent like it. I just don’t think the theme fits Draven that well, so I’m iffy if this skin is worth a buy.

Garen is the next one up, and I’m not to happy Garen got another skin so fast after the recent Demacia Vice skin from earlier this year.  That being said it does look like a solid skin.

The blue and silver color scheme looks sharp and he looks cool.  There also seems to be a prestige edition too that looks sharp with a gold and silver/gray color scheme. It also gives him a slightly different theme line that he doesn’t have already so that’s good.

Then we have Mecha Kingdom Leona. This is probably my favorite of the set.

It looks a bit like the project Leona skin, but more modern and advanced. I love the silver, orange and purple color scheme for this skin. I did also see this skin has an orange, purple and green chroma that I also really enjoyed. Absolutely consider buying this skin Leona fans.

Finally, we have Sett. Sett being the new kid on the block and this being his release skin, it looks solid for a first skin. I just can’t compare it to his other skins since he doesn’t have any, but I would say if you like the skin and are going to play Sett pick it up cause who knows when he will get another skin.

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Overall this looks to be a pretty cool skin line I’m pretty excited for and I will strongly consider adding a couple too my collection and I hope you do too. They should be ready for one of the first patches of Season 10 in 2020!