League of Legends: Ten Champions We Could See in Ruined King

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Miss Fortune. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

One of Riot Forge’s first projects, Ruined King, could let us see a new side to our favorite League of Legends champions. Here are 10 we would like to see featured in the game!

Last night, Riot and League of Legends cleaned up at the Game Awards, with League of Legends winning Esport of the Year, the League of Legends World Championship winning Esports Event of the Year, and host Sjokz winning Esports Host of the Year. But, among all the trophies that Riot Games collected, there was also a big announcement regarding the first project to come out of Riot Forge, the platform set up to help indie developers create their own games for the world of Runeterra. The first project trailer dropped last night for Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Not much is known about Ruined King other than the basics. It’s a story-driven, turn-based RPG that is developed by Darksiders: Genesis studio Airship Syndicate. According to reports, the game will feature “fan-favorite champions” and allow the player to explore the city of Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles.

Now, the game might not just be limited to those two locations, but given that they were heavily featured in the trailer it seems very likely that those two locations will be the focal point. With tons of Bilgewater and Shadow Isles champions that could be featured, here are 10 that should definitely be included.

1. Thresh

This is an obvious one since he provides the voice-over in the trailer. He’s also been heavily featured in recent League of Legends cinematics like “Climb” and “Senna: Shadow’s Embrace.” I would bet big money we will be seeing the Chain Warden in this game.

2. Kalista

Another obvious candidate, considering that the League of Legends item Blade of the Ruined King is actually named after Kalista’s uncle. According to the lore of Runeterra, the sword was gifted to the king of the Argent of Throne of south-western Valoran, Ledros. However, the king used the sword in a desperate attempt to resurrect his deceased wife, leading to the Ruination that transformed the Blessed Isles to the realm of the undead now known as the Shadow Isles. Given this connection to the eponymous Ruined King, it’s almost a certainty that Kalista will be featured in the game named after him as well.

3. Hecarim

Hecarim is not only a resident of the Shadow Isles, but he also accompanied Kalista on her initial quest to find a cure for the queen and then eventually betraying her when she stood against her uncle. I could definitely see a storyline where the character plays alongside Kalista during this quest and is ultimately forced to fight the one whom she now seeks vengeance against.

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4. Illaoi

Moving away from the Shadow Isles for a moment, another great champion from Bilgewater who should be featured in Ruined King is Illaoi. As a Truth Bearer, Illaoi is tasked with spearheading the war against the undead and protect the indigenous population from the Black Mist of the Harrowing. Certainly, the Kraken Priestess could be a central figure in the war between Kalista and Hecarim, as well as bridging the two regions.

5. Miss Fortune

The “Shadow and Fortune” story was released during the Harrowing event back in 2015 (it was also the very first mention of Illaoi prior to her release). In it, Miss Fortune and Illaoi confront the Black Mist and Hecarim, eventually prevailing. She’d be another great character to have featured.

6. Lucian

He may technically be from Demacia, but Lucian was featured heavily in that “Shadow and Fortune” story along with Miss Fortune and Illaoi. This was the storyline in which he discovered that his wife, Senna, was trapped by the Chain Warden Thresh. It’s unknown when the Ruined King game would take place, but potentially it could be setting up that Thresh/Lucian showdown we’ve seen so many times in cinematics.

7. Senna

Following that same line of thinking, if we have Lucian we may as well have Senna there too. I think it would be really cool to explore their history as a couple as well as see how Thresh came to capture her.

8. Karthus

He’s another champion that could link the Shadow Isles and Bilgewater since his main stories saw the Deathslinger seeking passage from Bilgewater to the Shadow Isles after it was plagued by the Black Mist. Karthus would probably be on the Thresh/Hecarim side given his desire to harness the power of the Black Mist for himself, and I think he’d be an incredible character to explore further.

9. Yorick

Another champion that inextricably tied to the Ruined King and the Ruination, Yorick’s calling in life is to undo the curse the Ruined King had unleashed onto his homeland. As the Shepherd of Souls, Yorick could be one of those characters who appear in near-death situations, but would ultimately be compassionate to the side that fights the Black Mist.

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10. Kindred

Finally, the embodiment of death in Runeterra would be a natural character to include in a story that revolves around the undead on the Shadow Isles. Kindred can grant the true death and seek out those that deny them that privilege that resides on the Shadow Isles. This battle could only be won once Kindred takes those undead that have evaded them to their true death.