League of Legends: 50 champions everyone hates to play against

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Jax. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Some champions in League of Legends just feel unfair to play against. Here are 50 champions that players just do not want to face.

Every League of Legends player has that champion. The one who you always want to ban, even when she’s not overpowered. The one that causes you to swear under your breath whenever you see him hovered and locked in on the enemy team.

You might think that this champion is unique to you but the fact of the matter is that there are just some champions who annoy every player. Regardless of how strong they might be in the meta, how hard or easy they are to play, or whether they have the capacity to run away with the game if they get fed, those champions just make the League of Legends experience unfun when you have to play against them. In case you think you’re alone, here are 50 champions that just about every League of Legends player would prefer not to face.

1. Jax

He’s not some oppressive lane bully but somehow, no matter how well you do in the lane, once he gets Trinity Force he can just dive you and kill you with no problem. It doesn’t hurt that he has built-in tankiness on his ult and his Counterstrike, but who the hell thought it was a good idea to give him a jump as well?

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2. Nunu & Willump

As a famous general once said, you don’t win the game as Nunu. Your goal is to make the enemy jungler as useless as you are. Anyone who has had to watch as every one of their camps gets stolen by a Nunu and had their teammates flame them after Nunu uses Smite + Consume to steal Dragon or Baron knows the pain of facing this jerk.

3. Yuumi

I don’t get how you can damage me, but also be hiding inside of your Cho’Gath with Warmogs so that I can never damage you. I just don’t get it you stupid kitten.

4. Singed

Everyone gets mad at junglers who PvE but no one ever talks about the people who play this champion and just run around avoiding all human contact. Again, it’s not that this champion is incredibly strong or difficult to play against, he just completely removes all fun from the game. I’m stuck under the tower, knowing I can never catch him, while he just dances in my base taunting my teammates.

5. Twitch

If I have to hear “it’s meeeeee” one more time before this little dick pops out of invisibility and Pentakills my team one more time…

6. Zoe

I swear, Riot could nerf her base damage and ratios into the ground so deep they’d be able to see the hidden society of Molepeople and she would still have enough damage to kill a full build Sion with one Q. Stupid Disney Channel-looking muppet.

7. Ivern

I mean, yes, he’s just a worse version of Nunu. It’s still zero fun to play against a champion whose pathing is as unpredictable as a seismograph during an earthquake. Especially when he can instantly kill an entire camp right in front of your face if he has smite up. Also, his walk is stupid and I am still bitter that he got a Dunkmaster skin before Jarvan.

8. Karthus

If you ever faced him in mid lane, dodging his never-ending barrage of Skittles on the ground was the least fun way to get carpal tunnel syndrome ever. But luckily, Karthus has now been banished to the jungle where I no longer have to put on my dancing shoes every time I want to CS a minion. Instead, he’s just clearing through the jungle like a lawnmower and getting free kills without even looking up through his ult.

9. Janna

Everyone rags on Garen and Master Yi players for having no skill, but this lady just gets to put a shield on someone and they get extra damage and if anyone ever gets close to her carry she just just “nope” them away with her ult. Good luck ever playing an assassin into her.

10. Fiddlesticks

Oh my God how long am I going to be silenced f–and now I’m feared, great, how long is this going to last no–HOW IS HIS SILENCE BACK UP AGAIN???