League of Legends: Skin sale ranking for the week of December 23rd 2019

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With plenty of League of Legends skins on sale this week here are the ones you should consider buying!

League of Legends has a new set of 15 skins on sale this week. I’ll be ranking all the skins available for purchase on sale this week. In addition, I’ll let you know which ones are worth buying at their new price point and which ones aren’t worth the money.

15. Darkforge Jarvan IV

This skin is on sale for 438 RP at 55 % off. In my opinion, the splash art just looks old and the skin dated. It’s just a bit of an armor change for him, that looks a lot worse than say his Warring Kingdoms skin, or the absolutely beautiful SSG skin. Skip this one especially since it’s still over 400 RP and to me its worth maybe 100 RP at best.

14. Shadow Prince Malzahar

It’s on sale for 233 RP at a 55 % savings for a gold chroma that looks a bit outdated. This is a pass and wait for his Snow Day skin.

13. Forsaken Jayce

This is a very dark and edgy skin but it just isn’t for me. I also think it’s overpriced even on sale for  675 and half off. I would skip this skin.

12.Bioforge Darius

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This is a bit of a weird skin. Like is Darius trying to be Singed with the vat of poison, or acid on this back? Either way, this is just a mediocre skin as Darius has way better options, like Dunkmaster. This one is half off for 487 RP if you need it though.

11. Captain Gangplank

This is another skin that I feel is middle-of-the-pack. Like it doesn’t look too bad, but I don’t think you have to have it.  It’s 487 and half off, which seems to be the magic discount this week, but I just think you could do better if you pick a skin for Gangplank.

10. Mad Hatter Shaco

The cost helps it do a bit better on the list at 233 RP at 55% off. Yet I don’t feel like it’s a very attractive skin. It fits Shaco’s theme for sure, but it just looks weird. Plus Nutcracker Shaco is now available so I would pick that one, or a future entry on this list, if you need a skin for Shaco.

9. Worldbreaker Nasus

This skin’s not terrible looking and is pretty modern. It’s not too expensive at 487 RP and 35 % off. Yet I don’t feel it’s a must-have skin for Nasus so it goes into the middle of the rankings.

8. Papercraft Anivia

I Like this skin’s modern look and it’s not too badly priced at  675 and half off. I don’t think this should be the first skin you buy, even from this week’s sales, but if you do like Anivia I think it’s a solid choice.

7. Dark Star Shaco

Shaco fans get lucky with two skin sales this week. This is the better choice if you’re looking to buy a skin for Shaco. His newest skin offering is on sale for 975 RP at 27% off. Not the best discount, but the Dark Star skin line is pretty awesome. Shaco is no expectation.

6. Artic Warfare Caitlyn

For some reason I just really like this skin. It’s simple yet elegant. I don’t know why I just like this as a clean and simple skin option for Caitlyn. It’s a bit overpriced at 562 RP at 27 % savings I think most people would think but I’m a fan personally so I’ll probably get it.

5. Arcade Sona

This is a fun and playful skin for Sona and fits her theme well. Plus it’s cheaper than DJ Sona. For half off and 675 RP, you can dance along to your very own rhythm game thanks to Sona.

4. Dragonwing Corki

This is another fun skin. Like it’s cool to see Corki fly a dragon with fireworks everywhere and it’s a pretty cool way to celebrate the holidays.  It’s also a good deal at half off for 487 RP. Pick this one up while it’s on discount.

3. Demacia Vice Lucian

It is expensive, but it’s worth it. For 975 RP and a saving of 27 % percent off, you can own this sweet skin. It’s got neon colors, a bit of a Terminator look and just tells the other team you mean business.  Pick this one up for sure.

2. Renektoy

This is very appropriate for this time of year as toys go under the trees by the thousands. For 675 RP at half off this fun too can be yours. I know this is my favorite Renekton skin and I think it will make your holidays brighter if you pick this up on sale.

1. Statue of Karthus

Cheap at 260 RP and half off, plus it is a very different tale on the theme of Karthus as a grim reaper. With gold flames for eyes, he welcomes you to use his R to kill opponents and gain free elo. Pick this one up today and show your fandom for North America.

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Overall its a pretty good week of skin sales with something for everyone. Pick the up to make your week and holidays a bit brighter.