League of Legends: Top five Mid Laners on Patch 9.24

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

All the attention in League of Legends may be on Aphelios right now, but here’s a quick look at the top five mid lane champions on Patch 9.24.

There’s just over a week left before the first patch of 2020 hits League of Legends live servers, but until then we still have plenty of time to grind out wins on Patch 9.24. Here are our top five mid lane champions to carry with and climb in solo queue on the current patch:

5 Cassiopeia

Cassio retains her place in the top tiers of the mid lane tier list in the current meta as she continues to dominate her lane opponents with strong range, poke, and burst. Her 51.42% win rate on Patch 9.24 is relatively low compared to her counterparts, but when her 12.7% ban rate is taken into consideration, it’s clear that she’s a threat in the mid lane at present.

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A combination of Noxious Blasts and Twin Fangs not only makes farming and pushing minion waves a piece of cake, but they also make it impossible for enemy laners to enter your attack range and attempt a trade. On top of that, Cassiopeia’s scaling is unmatched when it comes to mages, and her Petrifying Gaze can potentially change the outcome of a fight if placed correctly.

It’s easy to see why Cassio is such a strong champion on Patch 9.24, and it’s looking likely that she’ll cement her place in the top tiers of the mid lane during the early stages of Season 10.

4 Diana

The mini-rework can be considered a success as Diana has gone from an extreme niche pick to a popular mid lane and jungle champion on Patch 9.24 (albeit much more successful in lane).

The threat of a few skills being swapped, and a few numbers being increased is enough to have the player base running in fear, with over 26% of champion selects seeing her banned out entirely. Add this to her monstrous 11.4% pick rate and 52.06% win rate, and it’s no surprise that the balance team is already looking to nerf her in the upcoming patches.

Nevertheless, there’s still time to grab some free wins with Diana over the next week or so, so hop into solo queue and look to assassinate your lane opponents with that annoying Lunar RushMoonfall combo.

3 Aurelion Sol

Out of nowhere, Aurelion Sol has risen to the highest win rate amongst mid laners on Patch 9.24 at a terrifying 55.01%. Then, surely that means he deserves to be #1 on this list? Not exactly. His small pick rate (1.4%) suggests this is more a case of one-tricks and Sol mains boosting the champion’s win rate stats, rather than him being an overpowered pick on his own.

That being said, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pick him up and start grabbing wins for yourself for the remainder of Patch 9.24. Provided you’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn the champion and the little mechanics that make his Celestial Expansion so powerful, you’re guaranteed to gain some quick LP while also adding a useful, unique champion to your pool of mid laners!

2 Fizz

Is there anything worse than Fizz being strong? While he’s not Teemo or Yasuo levels of annoying, Fizz and his “troll pole” is one of the most obnoxious adversaries in this game and we can only hope his time at the top of the mid lane meta is short-lived.

Fizz’s rise to the top is a surprise to everyone as the champion hasn’t received a meaningful buff since Patch 9.14. However, the current off-season solo queue state of chaos plays right into the Playful Trickster’s hands as he can traverse the map, picking up free kills on squishy targets almost permanently.

Our advice? Just ban Fizz. Don’t let your mind descend into madness by learning this champion. The LP isn’t worth it.

1 Kassadin

One champion that isn’t a surprising inclusion to the mid lane top five is Kassadin after he’s remained in this position for what feels like endless months now.

The other four champions on this list have one thing in common: They’re AP mages that want to burst you down. What type of champion is Kassadin strongest against? AP mages that want to burst you down. It’s a perfect match.

From his inherent mid lane advantage from facing mages every single game, Kassadin can then Rift Walk to the bottom lane, pick up some free kills, and begin to snowball the game out of control. It sounds simple, and it is, as evidenced by his 52.91% win rate on Patch 9.24, even with a very high pick rate of 8.9%.

If there’s one champion to pick up and learn for some free LP from this list, it is most certainly Kassadin.

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Are there any strong mid laners that are missing from this list? What champions have you been finding the most success with? Let us know in the comments!