League of Legends: 50 Tips to Help You Climb Ranked in Season 10

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Playing the late game

41. Make the enemy team beat you.

A lot of high-elo players think that players take too long to surrender. Certainly, there may be instances where your team gets out-scaled but you somehow managed to fall behind 10k gold at 15 minutes.

However, my mindset is that I generally will not consider surrendering until the enemy team has at least cracked an inhibitor. Until then, the enemy team hasn’t really shown that they are capable of competently ending the game and there is every possibility that they will throw their lead by chasing kills. But if they’re an efficient, objective-focused team with a huge lead, yeah you can consider surrendering.

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42. Nibble at comebacks, don’t take big bites.

You’re not going to suddenly be able to come back into a game off one mistake, especially when you’re massively far behind. If your team is behind in a game but manages to get a pick or somehow win a fight because the enemy misplays, don’t try to over-extend yourself for things like Baron, inhibitors, or the like. Your goal should be to get the biggest objective you can or as many small objectives you can and get back to base before you run into the enemy again. Remember, you’re still behind, so if you try to fight (especially before spending all that gold you just got) you’re going to lose.

43. Stop hanging out in the enemy’s base.

Have you ever had the situation where your team is trying to push for the end, but the enemy team keeps clearing the super minions so that you aren’t able to push down the towers? That’s just asking for a throw, so instead of hanging out in the base hoping you can push down those last Nexus towers, instead just base and spend your gold or pressure another inhibitor tower. Take advantage of that time when the enemy is stuck in base with supers pouring in, don’t just serve yourselves up for a team-wipe on a silver platter.

44. Ping objective timers two minutes before spawn, base one minute before.

This responsibility is really more on the jungler/support, but everyone should be aware of this and trying to help. Ping the timers of any big objectives starting about 2 minutes before they are set to spawn so your team has ample time to clear that last wave or jungle camp, base, buy and move out so they can start posturing around Baron or dragon.

If the objective is going to be spawning in 45 seconds or less, sorry but you’ve lost your chance to base. You won’t be able to recall and run back in that little time unless you’re Hecarim or Rammus (and even then, this is just a good tip to practice).

45. Have the right trinket.

After 15 minutes, ADC should have a blue trinket and support/jungler should have a red trinket. Mid and top’s trinket choice is flexible, depending on what champion they’re playing. Beefier champions should have yellow trinket still, squishier/long-range champs should have the blue trinket, and assassins should have red. Overall, you want to make sure your team has at least one of each.