TFT: Ranking Every Single Little Legend Through Series Six Eggs

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The Series Six Eggs released three new Little Legends – Craggle, Flutterbug, and Tocker – to the TFT arena and we’re here to rank them all!

It’s been a while since we ranked the Little Legends that are encouraging you in ARAM and TFT matches. With the sixth set of eggs hitting the League of Legends shop yesterday, now seems to be an appropriate time to revisit our rankings.

18. Runespirit

When a Little Legend is so bad that I think you’re better off just rocking the Runespirit default one, you know it’s bad. That’s poor Runespirit, who is just completely and utterly left at the bottom of this tier list.

17. Paddlemar

I have zero idea what this thing is and I really don’t want to know. It’s trying to be cute but it’s not and I don’t like a single one of its skins.

16. Shisa

Back in the early days of TFT, there used to be one Little Legend where everyone would spam their mating call or whatever and make everyone else in the game want to claw their ears off. That Little Legend is now Shisa. I don’t care how cute this little bugger is if I hear that squeal one more time I might do something horrible to someone.

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15. Silverwing

Made only slightly-less irritating than our previous entry on this list and the fact that time has worn me down to his irritation, I do have to say that at least Silverwing is kind of cute. Rosebloom is also a fantastic skin on him. Now please stop that spam for the love of all that is holy.

14. Dango

At least Dango doesn’t make me actively angry in my games. That said, none of his models have any hint of personality other than making him look like the lowest evolution of a Digimon. Without any good skins, it’s hard to place Dango much higher.

13. Molediver

Molediver is just one of those Little Legends that never really made a splash to me. His base and Tier 2 variants are both cute, but none of the skins are appealing whatsoever. If I see someone with a Molediver Little Legend in my TFT game, I usually expect them to finish between seventh and fourth.

12. Craggle

I like the Craggle for two reasons: his flexing pose in his Tier 2 variant and the name is fun to say. However, his skins are all godawful (Legionnaire is the only decent one) and his Tier 1 model is pretty underwhelming.

11. Flutterbug

The bug Little Legends just never do anything for me. Ixtali is a dope skin though, so if you manage to find that one he might be worth using.

10. QiQi

There’s nothing wrong with QiQi, but she just doesn’t stand out as interesting when compared to the two other True Damage Little Legends. Plus in her Tier 3 variant, she’s leaning on her tail like she’s too cool for school. What’s that all about?

9. Tocker

The highest-rated Little Legend in Series Six, Tocker definitely has a lot of similarities to the Pokemon Hoothoot, so if you’re into that kind of thing Tocker is the one for you. I will say that I like his Tier 3 variant and some of his skins like Black Mist and Legionnaire are pretty nice-looking.

8. Ossia

Ossia really doesn’t have a whole lot of personality in her Tier 1, but on Tier 2 and Tier 3, you start to see a lot more of her style coming out. What really saves Ossia are her skins. Soloist, Beatmaker, and Pumped Up are all fantastic skin lines.

7. Hauntling

I’m a sucker for the creepy over the cute in a lot of cases, and Hauntling takes the best of both worlds. He looks a bit like Ghastly with some Jack Skellington influences which are right up my alley. Both Dark Matter and Lunar Claw skins are easily worth the purchase.

6. Fuwa

I don’t really have a good reason, but Fuwa just makes me want to wrap up him and I in a blanket with a nice cup of tea. His skins aren’t great, but he’s one of those rare Little Legends where I actually think his Tier 2 and Tier 3 variants are clearly superior to Tier 1.

5. Melisma

A lot of people have mixed feelings about the “True Damage” Little Legends, but I really love all the Melisma skins. She kind of reminds me of Ekko’s pet, with a bit of a Lucio vibe from Overwatch. The bright colors and tech-girl transforming to full-on emoji character really cinches her place in the top five.

4. Protector

I just love how his Tier 1 stance makes him look like Simba from The Lion King. All of his skins are at least decent and his original skin is fairly solid. Protector’s solemn stature certainly lives up to his name and makes him a worthy ally to have on the fields of TFT battle.

3. Hushtail

Elegant, regal, and just plain cute, Hushtail is definitely a Little Legend worth having as your companion. Add on the fact that each of her skins are probably worth buying (Monarch is my favorite, but you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them) and Hushtail is easily top-three.

2. Furyhorn

I’ll admit, I have a bit of bias to ranking Furyhorn this high. He was my first Little Legend and he’s been my good luck charm throughout my climb in Set 1. None of his variants are particularly interesting (though Sugarcone is a tempting buy) but having your original skin be so solid gets him the second spot.

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1. Featherknight

As much as little Furyhorn has a place in my heart, and will always be my number one, you can’t dispute that Featherknight is the unofficial mascot of TFT. I mean, he’s based on Pengu for god’s sake! And I won’t lie, the Ravenlord Featherknight variant which makes him look like a spooky owl is easily my famous skin.