League of Legends: Top five Mid Laners on Patch 10.1

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

To help guide you through your early Season 10 ranked games, we’ve compiled a list of the top five Mid Laners in League of Legends on Patch 10.1!

One week into Patch 10.1 and five days into Season 10 ranked play, the mid lane meta is beginning to settle. There have never been so many champion options for one of the most important roles in League of Legends, from assassins to mages and even tanks.

Nevertheless, there are a few that have clearly risen above the rest in terms of win rate and priority on the current patch. We’ve picked out five of the best and reasons why you should pick them in your upcoming games for some easy wins and LP to fly up the solo queue ladder.

5) Aurelion Sol

It may come as a surprise to learn that Aurelion Sol currently holds the highest win rate of any mid laner on Patch 10.1 at a remarkable 54.18%.

Following his mini Patch 9.17 rework, ASol has gone from strength to strength and has forged his way to the S tier of top lane over preseason. Despite efforts to tame the Star Forger with nerfs on Patch 10.1, he still remains one of the strongest mid lane champions in League of Legends right now.

This can be explained by the number of melee champions in the mid lane meta at the moment allowing Aurelion Sol the freedom to land multiple Center of the Universe hits, as well as applying the constant threat of a point-blank Starsurge.

Combine this with his unmatched roaming potential with Comet of Legend, and you’ve got one hell of a champion to deal with in the early stages of preseason.

If you want to make use of Aurelion Sol in solo queue right now, look to clear the mid lane wave and head down to bot lane as often as possible to snowball both yourself and your teammates. Master the spacing required to reach maximum DPS with Celestial Expansion in team fights and you will be unstoppable due to the high damage numbers in ASol’s kit right now.

4) Zed

It’s not often that we see Zed in the conversation for strongest mid laner in League of Legends. The Master of Shadows has emerged out of nowhere and established himself as an S/A tier champion on Patch 10.1, a statement that has ADC mains panicking across the player base.

So, how has Zed – a champion that hasn’t received a single buff since Patch 9.4 – somehow climbed to the top of the mid lane mountain in such a short space of time? Well, there are two reasons, the first of which being the Lethality item buffs on Patch 9.23 that significantly increased Zed’s damage output from his core build, as well as offering a few different item options.

Secondly, it’s the start of a new season, which means players want to climb as fast as possible. What better way to fly up the solo queue ladder than pick an assassin and constantly target squishy champions to rack up kills into the double figures.

While this isn’t a major contributor to Zed’s success in the current meta, it will have certainly had an influence on his 10.3% play rate and 32.6% ban rate on Patch 10.1.

3) Kassadin

Kassadin has received back-to-back nerfs on recent patches but is still standing strong with an impressive 51.19% win rate and 26.4% ban rate. Something about the quantity of mages in Patch 10.1’s mid lane, as well as the late game insurance provided by a Level 16 Void Walker, clicks perfectly and has allowed Kassadin to maintain his place in the top tier.

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A relatively weak early game has become much less of a problem for Kassadin thanks to the impact of Void Stone’s 15% reduced magic damage in the current mage-dominated meta (three of which have made it to this top five list).

Furthermore, we’ve seen a growing focus on the mid-game as teams target early dragon priority which allows Kassadin to reach Level 6 and travel around the map with ease, threatening to solo a squishy target with a stacked Riftwalk.

On top of all that, if you reach the late game with a Kassadin on either side of Summoner’s Rift, you know it’s basically game over. Unless you’ve packed endless crowd control, Kass will walk over your backline with ease and 1v9 the game if necessary. This is certainly a huge contributing factor to his growing popularity in the mid lane meta at present.

2) Cassiopeia

Speaking of late-game threats, here’s another one! Cassiopeia’s auto attack and Twin Fang range in lane allow her to bully the majority of her opponents with superior poke and trading. It only gets better from there.

Once she has an Archangel’s Staff, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Liandry’s Torment in her inventory, Cassio is basically unstoppable. Her DPS in team fights is unmatched with constant QE spamming, which she can also utilize earlier in the game to secure mid-game skirmish victories and neutral objectives for her team.

Not to mention the huge outplay and game-winning potential that comes with an ability like Petrifying Gaze.

Unsurprisingly, this all adds up to a very strong champion who looks set to dominate the mid lane meta in the first few weeks of competitive play. If you want to add a new champion to your mid lane pool on Patch 10.1, Cassiopeia is an excellent option, as evidenced by her massive 53.18% win rate.

1) Diana

Diana’s Patch 9.24 gameplay update has proven successful, almost too successful. As a result of the skill switcheroo and damage increase on most abilities, Diana has made the S tier her domain over preseason and the early stages of Season 10.

Her monstrous 52.47% win rate and 31.0% ban rate on Patch 10.1 can be explained by her ability to solo kill her lane opponent and spread her gold lead across the map with strong assassination potential. A quick Crescent Strike, Moonfall, Lunar Rush combo is enough to reduce any champion’s health bar to scraps, and that’s even before she’s been given the chance to build an item lead.

As it stands, Diana is not on the watch list for potential nerfs in Patch 10.2, so if you want to climb up the ladder quickly and learn a new, strong champion along the way, Diana is definitely the right choice right now.

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Who do you think is the strongest mid lane champion in League of Legends right now? Who would you like to see join the S tier on Patch 10.2? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!