TFT: How the Light and Soulbound Comp can Net Free LP

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Teamfight Tactics. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

There is a new overpowered comp in TFT that no one is talking about and we have the full guide on how to build it.

Teamfight Tactics, especially in lower elos (like those below Plat) is a fairly “solved” game. If you can find one or two extremely strong comps and figure out how to run those consistently until they are no longer viable, you can climb quite consistently. The big problem most low elo players have is finding that consistent TFT comp they can use.

Previously, I’ve espoused the Blender comp as a consistent way to climb and it worked wonders for me up until Nocturne was nerfed (the comp still works fine with some modifications like swapping Nocturne for Azir and going four Desert as well). Now, with the Blender comp less effective either through just being nerfed or less stable (more people know about and are running the Blender comp, meaning it’s less likely those needed units will be readily available) I’ve been looking for a new stable comp to run and I think I have found it.

The new best comp that hardly anyone is running is a variation of the Light/Soulbound comp that G2 Hafu popularized. It’s based on the synergy between Soulbound units Lucian and Senna where one of them will continue doing damage even after dying. You take advantage of this by loading up your Lucian with damage, letting him die early, but putting a Guardian Angel on Senna so you maximize her (and by extension) Lucian’s uptime.

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One of the biggest draws to me for this comp is the fact that it is actually fairly item agnostic. There is an “optimal” item set-up to make this comp work best, but even without certain key items the comp can be flexed to work just fine. I’ll explain how this comp is set up in its ideal state, as well as all the variations players can make.

The ideal comp

The ideal eight-unit comp would be set up like this: a fully-kitted up Lucian in the front line along with a two (or ideally three) star Jax or Nasus (Nasus is preferred). In the back line, you’ll have Senna with Talisman of Ascension (making her a Light) along with three other Light units.

It’s not incredibly necessary to have any particular Light units other than Lucian, Nasus, and Soraka (for reasons I’ll get to in a second). But in terms of the order of importance of which six Lights to have I would go: Lucian, Nasus, Soraka, Aatrox, Yorick, Jax, Vayne (obviously if you get a Light Lux, put her in).

Now, with six Lights on the board (hopefully including Senna), you want to add the two Lunar units, Leona and Karma. This will not only give you the Lunar buff but also the Warden buff on Nasus and Leona plus the Mystic buff to your team with Soraka and Karma. Thus, you want to have Lucian, Senna, Nasus, Leona, Soraka, Karma, Aatrox, Yorick/Jax/Vayne.