League of Legends LCS: Breaking Down 2020 FlyQuest

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

How will FlyQuest fare during the LCS season? They’ve had an unsuccessful few years in North American League of Legends so far, but can that change in 2020.

FlyQuest had an interesting 2019 LCS season, which was filled with both good and bad League of Legends play. So what can we expect from this team in 2020?

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During the Spring Split, they went 9-9 and finished tied for fourth with Golden Guardians. The two teams then met in the quarter-finals where FlyQuest took the best of five 3-2. This placed them in the semi-finals against Team Liquid who swept them. This gave FlyQuest an overall fourth-place finish to work on heading into summer.

Instead of building on the Spring Split, FlyQuest crumbled. They went from one of the better LCS teams to one of the worst. They finished with a 5-13 record and in ninth place, only ahead of Echo Fox.

Yet they still had enough championship points to qualify for the regional finals. They lost to Clutch Gaming 3-1 during the first round and were eliminated from gaining a spot at the 2019 World Championship.

The 2019 FlyQuest roster was Omran “V1per”  Shoura in the top lane, Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen in the jungle, Eugene “Pobelter”  Park in the middle lane and a bottom lane of Juan “JayJ” Guibert, or Kim “Wadid” Bae-in and Jason “WildTurtle” Tran.

2020 has FlyQuest making two roster moves bring in mid laner Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage from CLG and Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun from FC Schalke 04 Esports.

The middle lane addition is an upgrade. Pobelter ranked anywhere from the bottom to the middle of LCS mid laners in 2019, while PoE is usually mentioned in the upper half of mid laners in the LCS.  For 2020 He is rated as the sixth-best mid laner, in a pretty strong class.  So mid lane isn’t really a problem for FlyQuest in 2020.

Viper returns in the top lane after a mixed 2019. During the Spring Split he played well enough to win Rookie of the Split honors.

Yet in most statistical categories he seems to be in the middle of except for CS’ing. He was the third-best in the LCS for CS and CS per minute during the Summer Split. Though coming into this season he is rated as the ninth-best top laner in the LCS.

Santorin was another tale of two splits players for FlyQuest in 2019. During the Spring he was named to the LCS third All-Pro team for the jungle.

The Summer Split wasn’t as dominant, but he was serviceable. Most of his stats tended to show he was a competitive jungler, even if he wasn’t one of the best in the league. He starts out 2020 rated as the eighth-best jungler in the LCS.

The bottom lane duo is closer to the bottom of the league as well. Wildturtle didn’t put up very good numbers during the 2019 Summer Split, except in CS per game where he led the LCS. He is rated as the seventh-best ADC in the LCS heading into 2020.

IgNar had a pretty strong showing during the LEC 2019 Summer Split. He averaged the second-most assists per game at just over 10 per game. He also stayed alive as he averaged only 1.33 deaths per game, which was the best mark among LEC support players.

He also had the best KDA of all the supports for the  LEC Summer Split. This helped him earn LEC third-team All-Pro honors. He was rated the fourth-best support in the LEC and is FlyQuest’s highest-rated player going into 2020.

Overall this team might have upgraded slightly with their two major additions. However, they still seem to lack something to really put them over the top in terms of competing for first-place finishes.

I think this team is very much a coin flip like how they were in 2019. I could see them being underestimated and beating some people and making the playoffs. Yet I could see them also struggle a bit and finish last like they did during last summer.

However, on the realistic expectations, I think this is the seventh-best overall team in the LCS. It’s a team that’s good enough to make the playoffs, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they also missed playoffs. It just depends on which side of the coin this team lands on.

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I think how well Dignitas and Evil Geniuses play will have an effect on where FlyQuest finishes in the standings. I feel like all three teams are fairly close in strength and should battle fiercely head to head.  The winner of those head to heads probably sneaks into the playoffs in the last spot, and it could very well be FlyQuest.