LCS: 2020 Spring Split Preseason Power Ranking

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Huni of Clutch Gaming. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

As the new LCS split kicks off, we rank each of the ten teams competing for a title.

Following a long offseason full of blockbuster roster moves, new teams entering the LCS, and perpetual questions about NA’s poor performance internationally, the 2020 Spring Split is finally here. After ranking the 50 projected starting players going into this season, its time to break down expectations for each of the teams. I’ll not only be ranking the teams but also projecting their win total for the Spring Split and giving them an initial elo rating that will change over the course of the split.

10. Golden Guardians

Elo: 343

No surprise here, but the Golden Guardians are just lacking too much firepower to seriously be considered a contender in 2020. Their two big carry positions are occupied by players on their last leg professionally (ADC FBI and mid laner Goldenglue) and their support is playing the role for the first time professionally. The only player on their roster I would say is 100% LCS quality is Hauntzer and I don’t think he can carry this team.

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Predicted record: 3-15

9. Immortals

Elo: 345

Surprisingly, Immortals aren’t that much better than Golden Guardians, despite having brought in two very strong, veteran players in sOAZ and Xmithie. The problem is that they’re relying on an unproven mid in Eika and an ADC who couldn’t make an LCS or Academy team last season. They have good complimentary pieces, but I don’t trust either of their carries to perform.

Predicted record: 3-15

8. Dignitas

Elo: 349

Dignitas has some pieces, namely their top and mid laner, with enough talent that I think they’ll be able to take a few games off some unsuspecting teams. Unfortunately, Grig in the jungle is still unproven to me and we’re still not sure if Aphromoo can recover from a down year.

Predicted record: 5-13

7. 100 Thieves

Elo: 356

A lot of people are high on the Thieves entering this year, but frankly, Ry0ma in the mid lane still scares me. As hyped as he may be, we saw last year on this very team how having a weak mid laner can demolish a team. If he plays up to the lofty expectations that are being set then, yes, this team has the pieces to do some real damage, but he has to prove that to me.

Predicted record: 7-11

6. FlyQuest

Elo: 383

A lot of people are a lot lower on FlyQuest than I am, but I love both of their offseason pick ups. PowerofEvil, champion pool limitations aside, can be an absolute monster if the team plays around him (and FlyQuest has the type of players where I think they will be able to do that) and Ignar was one of the best supports in Europe last year. This team fits together super well and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a lot of people look foolish at the end of the split…or just me.

Predicted record: 9-9