League of Legends: Top Five Junglers on Patch 10.2

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Jungle players are having a rough time in League of Legends following the experience changes. Here are five champions that remain strong on Patch 10.2.

As is tradition in League of Legends, the jungle saw another overhaul during preseason this year. Patch 9.23 has haunted jungle mains for over a month now. Reducing jungle experience and decreasing respawn timers has resulted in a lack of identity in the role, often leading to jungle champions being seriously under-leveled in the mid to late game.

Nevertheless, life and League goes on, so junglers have had to adapt. That means their champion pools have also had to adapt. Four familiar faces from the previous list return along with an unsurprising addition that has took the Rift by storm since he was added to the game last week.

5) Master Yi

Yi somewhat surprisingly retains his place at the top of the jungle tier list despite the number of crowd control options available across all roles in League of Legends right now.

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Benefitting from reduced jungle timers to rapidly clear camps, the Wuju Bladesman can hit item power spikes like Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Wit’s End much earlier than in previous seasons, which makes him a strong duellist.

Not only does this allow Master Yi to win his jungle match-up, but it also gives him options in the late game, such as choosing between rolling over team fights with Alpha Strike or opting for the split-push with fast wave clear and a quasi-escape tool with Highlander.

Once again it’s important to note that Yi is much less effective in higher elos as teams understand how to shut him down early as well as lock him down in team fights. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to ignore his excellent 51.47% win rate on Patch 10.2.

4) Shaco

The joke’s on you if you thought you’d seen the last of Shaco on Patch 10.1.

The Demon Jester continues to wreak havoc on the Rift thanks to the high base damages on Backstab and Two-Shiv Poison which makes him a constant threat from ganks in the early game. He’s also a slippery customer with Deceive and Hallucinate making it difficult to take the clown down if you do catch him out.

Nevertheless, there’s a clear weakness of playing Shaco and that is his vulnerability to crowd control and lack of late game reliability, particularly in a meta that leaves junglers under-leveled. He may have a 52.35% win rate on Patch 10.2, but that’s only if you play him correctly.

3) Elise

Elise is probably the most versatile of all the champions on this list as she’s not as one-dimensional as the other options.

Her rise to power over recent patches can mostly be explained by the jungle experience changes which resulted in one side of the jungle being enough to reach Level 3. This means that Elise can simply clear her Red/Blue side then look for a gank before taking down the rest of her camps.

If you can only add one of these five junglers to your champion pool, Elise is almost definitely the best option as she’s viable at all levels of solo queue while also not being meta-dependent.

2) Sett

There’s no escaping The Boss.

While Sett prefers to be played in a solo lane, his damage output is so overpowered at the moment that players are picking him in any role to take advantage and pick up a “free” win.

Obviously, you can’t expect Sett to always be available with a massive 56.2% ban rate, but if he is open, lock him in instantly. This is yet another case of Riot releasing a broken champion and forcing players to permaban him or face the consequences.

If you want to make opposing players pay for leaving Sett open, it’d be wise to learn his kit in unranked matches or even private matches first. In order to play him in the jungle, Facebreaker is a key skill to master as it provides a stun for excellent gank set-up.

1) Ekko

Ekko tops the jungle charts for the second patch in a row! His jungle clear, dueling power, and gank set-up are all extremely strong right now and therefore he sits at a remarkable 52.63% win ratio.

However, it has been revealed that the balance team is targeting this champion for nerfs on Patch 10.3, so if you want to take advantage of the best jungler on Patch 10.2 before he inevitably leaves the effective jungle champion pool, go into solo queue as soon as possible and lock him in!

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Who is your favorite jungler in League of Legends right now? Who would you like to see receive buffs on Patch 10.3? Let us know in the comments!