League of Legends: Ranking Every Single Lee Sin Skin

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The most popular jungler in League of Legends, we break down which of Lee Sin’s skins are the best and worst.

Lee Sin is, more than any other champion, an avatar for the League of Legends player base. He’s a champion who exists around the high highs of flashy Insec plays, but he also suffers from the tragedy of miscues and misplays.

As the most popular jungler, no matter how strong or weak he is, the Blind Monk has acquired ten different skins for players to don as they ward-hop across Summoner’s Rift. The question for aspiring pro junglers isn’t whether they’re going to miss that flash + kick combo, but what skin they should wear to show off their moves. Here are all the Lee Sin skins ranked from best to worst.

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10. Traditional Lee Sin

Cost: 520 RP

This is Lee’s oldest skin and frankly, it shows. If a new player didn’t know any better, they would think this is a knockoff of his far-superior Muay Thai skin. It’s a bit more toned down than his base skin and I like the long hair replacing Lee’s blindfold, but otherwise, this is a fairly unimpressive skin.

9. SKT T1 Lee Sin

Cost: 750 RP

This was the skin chosen by SKT’s jungler Bengi to celebrate his team’s World Championship in Season 3. Unfortunately, it did not age well at all.

Lee Sin kind of looks like a thinner Kim Jung Un in the tracksuit and with those glasses and not in a flattering way. The animations are nothing unique and hardly anyone uses it. Since it’s a legacy skin I guess it has a little more appeal but generally I don’t think this skin is necessary.

8. Acolyte Lee Sin

Cost: 750 RP

The splash art of this skin is far cooler than the actual skin. The skin itself isn’t bad, but the bright red really washes out the aqua blue of his robes and makes him look like a knock-off Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s great for the loading screen, but pretty meh in game.

7. Nightbringer Lee Sin

Cost: 1350 RP

The newest Lee Sin skin sadly doesn’t hold a candle to a lot of the others that are available for the Blind Monk. Lee looks okay and there are a few cool unique animations on his Safeguard and Sonic Wave. It would be much more appealing if he didn’t already have so many amazing skins at his disposal.

6. Playmaker Lee Sin

Cost: 975 RP

This is another legacy skin, released way back when Riot dropped skins for big sporting events like the Olympics or World Cup (please bring that back Riot). Having Lee play as a midfielder in soccer fits well thematically with his ultimate being, you know, a kick and making his Sonic Wave a soccer ball.

He also has a couple of really good animations like his recall creates a net that he scores a goal on and a trail of soccer balls follows him as he takes the Sonic Wave. Unfortunately, the character model itself is just not good enough to warrant a higher ranking.

5. Muay Thai Lee Sin

Cost: 975 RP

This is probably one of the most popular on Lee Sin, but frankly, I think it leaves a lot lacking. The model on the character is exquisite as is his tippy-toe walk. But the lack of new animations on his abilities and recall just leaves me wanting, especially compared to his other skins.

4. Knockout Lee Sin

Cost: 1350

Another skin with a great thematic fit (boxing this time) that could be so much better with some upgraded animations. This has a lot of the same pros going for it that Muay Thai Lee had, like a cool model and some nice idle animations like the Ali quick feet. Now, he does have some cool animations like the “cornerman” recall and his boxing glove hovering over enemies he has hit with Sonic Wave, but there’s not enough to overcome the other three skins.

3. Pool Party Lee Sin

Cost: 975 RP

In terms of cool animations, this skin takes the cake for the most new, cool animations. From the bright colors on the coconut indicator on the Sonic Wave and the palm tree sprouting up behind him on the recall, this skin is worth buying especially for the price point.

2. Dragon Fist Lee Sin

Cost: 975 RP

I mean, this is the Bruce Lee skin. It has a ton of cool animations based on the Dragon Master himself. Just comparing his idle animations to those of the other skins it’s clear how much care went into making this skin, so even though the animations are nothing special, the legacy of the skin makes this worth it to me.

1. God Fist Lee Sin

Cost: 1820 RP

In my mind, this is the best blend of cool animations and a good base model, which makes this the best skin on the market for Lee. I love his glowing yellow model that really makes Lee feel otherworldly and the animations on his Q (yes, there are multiple animations based on how far he throws it) makes it seem like he is that great cosmic entity.

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His E animation actually looks like Lee is going out of his body in striking the ground and his ult…oh man Lee’s ult on this skin is amazing. Again, he has three different ult animations, one of which he double punches the target instead of kicking them. The ult animations make him feel like a god on the Rift, which is why this is the best skin in the game for Lee Sin.