TFT: A Complete Guide to Leveling and Econ in Set 2

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An easy way to boost your performance in TFT is to know when to level and when to hold your gold, so we have an awesome guide for you!

This TFT set has been a bit of a struggle for me compared to Set 1, where I was able to hit Plat quite easily (sorry for the humblebrag). In Set 2, though, I’ve been bouncing around in Gold for the last few months, having trouble finding a strategy that could get me the consistent wins and top fours you need to climb in this mode. Until this weekend, when I went from Gold III to Plat IV in just a few days.

The key to my success, which I’m going to share with you, should help you consistently get in the top four if not secure a bunch of easy wins. In my last 20 games using this strategy, I had three wins and 11 top fours.

I cannot take credit for the strategy, however. I learned this system from Youtuber BunnyMuffins (who is a fantastic content creator in the TFT realm by the way). But if you prefer having an open guide during your games rather than trying to listen to and recall his advice in game, I’ll be giving you a breakdown of his strategy as well as my own twists that honed my strategy.

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1. Know Your Leveling Break Points

The biggest key to this strategy is knowing that you are going to level up at very specific rounds in the game. Here are the rounds that you will hit the corresponding levels and whether you will have to spend gold to level up or naturally hit that level just by the experience you get from the round:

  • Level 2: Round 1-2 (natural)
  • Level 3: Round 1-3 (natural)
  • Level 4: Round 2-3 (natural)
  • Level 5: Round 2-5 (spend 8 gold to level)
  • Level 6: Round 3-2 (spend 12 gold to level)
  • Level 7: Round 4-1 (spend 24 gold to level)
  • Level 8: Round 5-1 (spend 42 gold to level)

The biggest key to remember for this strategy to work is that when you are not at these specific rounds, you are not spending your gold to level unless you have more than 50 gold (in this case you just spend the balance over 50 on leveling or re-rolling if you choose). This is to maximize your econ so you have the most gold possible to roll at the appropriate rounds.

2. Know When to Roll Your Gold

While you are leveling at certain breakpoints, you will also be re-rolling your gold for units at some of these same rounds. It’s important to note that, absent some exceptions we will discuss later, whenever you re-roll you will not roll below 20 gold. It’s important that you keep your econ at a healthy level for as long as possible, so only re-roll your gold for units at the following levels/rounds.

  • Level 6 (Round 3-2)
  • Level 7 (Round 4-1)
  • Level 8 (Round 5-1)