League of Legends: Ranking Every Single Olaf Skin

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends’ raging Berserker has been a staple of the jungle meta for several seasons now. But which of Olaf’s many skins ranks highest on our list?

The jungle is one of the most volatile roles in League of Legends with several preseason changes and meta shifts every year. After being absent for the last few patches, Olaf seems to be making a comeback in the jungle judging by the early Season 10 tier lists.

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So which cosmetic should you pick up for the champion while taking advantage of the Berserker’s rise up the jungle rankings? Here’s a look at all eight options, as well as the #1 Olaf skin available right now:

8. Forsaken Olaf

Cost: 520 RP

This is a typical 520 RP skin. It offers a color change for Olaf, but not much else. It’s not really worth picking up.

7. Marauder Olaf

Cost: 750 RP

This is a skin that just doesn’t stand out. All it does is put some armor on Olaf, and it isn’t even cool armor. It’s just not worth the cost to pick this skin up.

6. Glacial Olaf

Cost: 520 RP

This is another forgettable skin for Olaf. It looks a bit nicer, and is also cheaper than Marauder so that’s why it ranks higher. Yet it isn’t really worth picking up unless you want a cheap skin.

5. SKT T1 Olaf

Cost: 1350 RP

This skin is a little expensive, but it is better than a few of his other options. Granted this is another set up with Olaf wearing armor.

However, this is high-quality gold armor. It does look pretty good, but the price might be a bit much.

4. Brolaf

Cost: 1820 RP

This is a legendary skin and probably the most common among Olaf players.

The theme is quite funny with Olaf being a frat member complete with beer-chugging helmet and left-over beer box wrap around his ax. This is a goofy skin and actually worth the price.

3. Butcher Olaf

Cost: 750 RP

This skin is a good deal for what you pay for it. It gives you the opportunity to throw a bone at your enemies and beat them with a meat tenderizer, and that’s pretty funny.

This skin is worth picking up if you’re looking for a less serious skin for your Viking.

2. Pentakill Olaf

Cost: 975 RP

This skin has Olaf as a god of rock and it looks super cool. It’s just disappointing that he isn’t the guitar player and literally playing his ax.

Either way, I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of his skull axes. This skin is a good value for what you get and worth buying.

1. Dragonslayer Olaf

Cost: 1350 RP

This is Olaf’s most recent skin addition and arguably his best. The theme of being a rampaging Viking set out to kill dragons is a great match for him, especially in his main role as a jungler with dragons being a high priority in-game.

The skin just looks really cool when he uses his ultimate and looks almost like he is on fire with rage. Plus if you don’t like the base skin color scheme of red and orange, you can pick up chromas, that look equally as cool.

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Which of these skins is your favorite? Do you agree that Dragonslayer is the highest quality Olaf skin in the game? Let us know your thoughts!