TFT Patch 10.4 Breakdown: Welcome Back Overlord Olaf

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

We break down all the TFT changes that are coming with Patch 10.4, which goes live on Thursday.

Patch 10.3 wasn’t exactly a smash hit with many tacticians, who are hoping that today’s newest patch will open the meta back up a bit. Poison and Crystal champions are on the docket for nerfs and Glacials are getting a rework after being left behind in the early part of Set 2. Let’s see what Patch 10.4 has in store for us.



"Damage threshold: 100/60 ⇒ 110/60"

This means that with two of the base Crystal champions (Ashe, Skarner, and Taric), you’ll take 10 more damage per attack but this will be unaffected if you also get a Crystal Lux on the board. Honestly, this doesn’t affect the strength of Crystal comps because Ashe is such a strong pick in the meta (she’s not getting nerfed) and it doesn’t rely on Spatulas to complete. Crystal will still be fine in Patch 10.4.

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"Mana cost increase of enemy champion spells: 50% ⇒ 33%"

This is actually a sizeable nerf to Poison comps along with a sizeable buff to the Ocean/Mage comps they counter. I’d guess that Ocean/Mage or Inferno/Mage will become much higher priority in this patch.


"Chance to stun: 20/35/50% ⇒ 25% at all levels[New] Bonus magic damage on stun: 75/175/350"

I think the bonus damage could be pretty big, especially for champions like Olaf who get a lot of chances to proc the stun. Could this be the rise of Berserkers?



"Spell damage: 100/200/300 ⇒ 125/250/450"

This is a nice buff for Ornn, who should be getting some help in Patch 10.4 based on the Glacial buffs (he loves getting teamed up with Volibear and Braum in the early game). Overall, he’s still an early game unit but he should be a better pick in those early rounds.


"Starting/total mana: 50/80 ⇒ 30/80"

This is a nerf to Taliyah getting off that first ability in a round, which can be quite impactful. If she’s in an Ocean/Mage comp (as she typically is early on) this might mean the first mana boost she gets from the Ocean trait will put her short of the ability instead of activating it.


"Ally damage bonus: 15/40/65 ⇒ 20/45/70"

Senna is currently in an awful spot, especially with the Light/Soulbound comp a lot less powerful (since Spatulas are rarer and it’s harder to turn her into a Light). 5 bonus damage for her allies is nice, but she still just doesn’t fit into any good comps unless you’re going 6 Shadow.


"Starting/total mana: 75/100 ⇒ 50/100"

Like Taliyah, Riot is trying to delay his first summoned soldier. Azir has gotten weaker after his previous nerfs and the Spatula changes since he can’t be turned into a Blademaster or Assassin as easily. However, he’s probably still a decent pick in a Desert/Assassin comp or an Inferno/Summoner comp.


"Attack speed: 0.7 ⇒ 0.8"

Blender comps are a thing of the past, even more dead now after the Spatula changes. Unless that changes, Nocturne will probably remain an early game unit and not a strong one.


"Spell attack damage ratio: 0.3/0.4/0.5 ⇒ 0.5 at all levels"

This is a huge buff to Lucian and it could potentially bring the Light/Soulbound comp back into the meta. I would feel a lot more confident if the Spatula changes hadn’t gone through, however.


"Health: 750 ⇒ 850Spell bonus attack speed: 100/150/450% ⇒ 125/150/450%"

On top of getting that huge buff to Glacials Olaf is also getting more attack speed at 1-star and a base health buff? Okay, Glacial/Berserkers are coming back in Patch 10.4, quote me on that now.


"Spell damage: 150/300/2000 ⇒ 225/300/2000"

I appreciate Riot giving Singed some love after the only reason for his existence in the meta (his Poison synergy) getting nerfed. Maybe this will make Singed a unit you can throw in last-second, but I don’t know if it keeps the Poison comps afloat.


"Invulnerability duration: 3/3/5 seconds ⇒ 2.5/2.5/8 seconds"

As usual, ignore that 3-star buff because you’re never getting a 3-star Taric. I don’t actually think this is as big a nerf as Riot might think.

You pick Taric for that Crystal passive, not necessarily the invulnerability because it’s (somewhat) unpredictable which of your units will get that bonus if Taric even lives to get that ult off. I think the Taric/Ashe combo is still going to be strong in this meta, even if Taric’s ult is slightly weaker.

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"Attack speed: 1.0 ⇒ 1.1"

A nice buff for Zed, who is criminally underrated as an Assassin/Summoner combo. Because he’s a 5g unit I doubt he’ll be the primary carry of your team, but he should be more attractive to throw into comps when he fits.