LCS Power Rankings Spring 2020: Week 8 Sees Playoff Picture Form

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: --- during 2020 LCS Spring Split at the LCS Arena on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, USA.. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: --- during 2020 LCS Spring Split at the LCS Arena on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California, USA.. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games) /
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Golden Guardians, LCS. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games.
Golden Guardians, LCS. Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games. /

The second-to-last LCS power rankings of the Spring Split attempt to sort out who of the clump can actually make playoffs.

Eight out of nine weeks of the LCS Spring Split are in the books and we are no closer to knowing who in this league is actually good other than Cloud9. After a bunch of teams went 1-1 over the weekend, six teams in the playoff hunt are separated by only two games. Our penultimate LCS power rankings attempt to give our best guess as to who will make playoffs and who will be watching.

10. CLG (3-13)

Elo: 247 (+1)

At this point, CLG has nothing to play for except to be the spoilers to a couple of teams clinging to their playoff hopes. And their jobs as well.

This weekend, the only player who really made a good case to keep his job next split is top laner Ruin. He had an impressive 9/4/2 game against Cloud9, emerging as the only real threat to C9 in the mid game. Although he only had a 2/5/5 scoreline against Dignitas on Saturday, he actually held his own fairly well in that game against Huni.

Remaining schedule (elo difference): Golden Guardians (-81), 100 Thieves (-150)
Chance at playoffs: 0%

9. Golden Guardians (6-10)

Elo: 327 (-21)

One of the few teams that went 0-2 this weekend, Golden Guardians entered Week 8 with a slim chance at making the playoffs. Although their schedule (TSM and Team Liquid) wasn’t terrible they dropped both games and fell down to the bottom of our LCS power rankings (where most people predicted they’d be at the start of the season).

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This was the week that mid laner Goldenglue finally played like the weak point of this roster. He was atrocious, going a combined 1/10/2 over these two games, getting absolutely destroyed by Bjergsen and Jensen.

Remaining schedule (elo difference): CLG (+81), FlyQuest (-91)
Chance at playoffs: <5%

8. Team Liquid (7-9)

Elo: 340 (+1)

Team Liquid took care of business in their second game of the weekend against Golden Guardians to make it an even 1-1 weekend but they looked awful on Saturday in their loss to Evil Geniuses. Impact got absolutely destroyed in the top lane, Jensen used his ult approximately one time, and CoreJJ looked completely lost.

Now, TL enters the final week of the LCS regular season needing to win both games against the two best teams in the league just to get to nine wins. Four teams already have nine wins and two more have eight. And one of those eight-win teams (100 Thieves) gets to play CLG so we can basically round to nine. The margin is razor-thin for TL and there is a very good chance we will see the four-time defending champions miss the playoffs.

Remaining schedule (elo difference): FlyQuest (-78), Cloud9 (-207)
Chance at playoffs: 20%

7. Dignitas (6-10)

Elo: 347 (-7)

All year, our LCS power rankings have been kind to Dignitas because of their difficult strength of schedule. That kindness is now ending as Dignitas gets to play the bottom of the barrel teams. Unfortunately, this weekend they were not able to capitalize.

They took their expected win over CLG on Saturday, but in the critical game on Sunday against EG they looked terrible. For some reason, they decided to put Froggen on an assassin (he went 1/6/2 on Qiyana) and Johnsun on a mage (1/4/3 on Syndra) in basically a must-win game. That loss all-but eliminates them from playoff contention, no matter how easy their remaining schedule looks.

Remaining schedule (elo difference): Immortals (-10), TSM (-62)
Chance at playoffs: <10%

6. Immortals (8-8)

Elo: 357 (+9)

Immortals split their games this weekend against FlyQuest (loss) and TSM (win) putting them firmly in that last playoff spot, a game clear of Liquid. If there was one team that I was going to pick to give ground to TL, though, Immortals would probably be my pick. They remain one of the least-impressive teams in the LCS even in their wins.

Remaining schedule (elo difference): Dignitas (+10), Evil Geniuses (-15)
Chance at playoffs: 60%