League of Legends: The 10 Best Champions to Spend the Quarantine With

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /
Ekko. League of Legends.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With everyone stuck inside due to the global pandemic, we answer the question of which League of Legends champion would be the best to be quarantined with.

Everyone is staying safely indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic, with most of us alone playing video games (likely League of Legends). Some may be stuck inside with family, friends, or a roommate that we can pass the time with. But the best way to spend the quarantine would be stuck inside with one of these ten League of Legends champions.

1. Gangplank

He’ll be able to keep us entertained all day with tales of his swashbuckling adventures. Plus, there’s no risk we’ll ever catch scurvy or run out of food with his ability to produce oranges seemingly out of thin air!

2. Heimerdinger

A renowned inventor in his own right, Heimer would probably be able to build some sort of fancy teleportation contraption if given enough time and resources. Boom! Travel to your friend’s house just got a lot safer.

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3. Lee Sin

Being stuck inside, this is a great time to learn a new skill and Lee could definitely teach you to be a martial arts master. Plus, he’s blind so he’s not really going to care if you hog the computer or TV all day.

4. Sona

DJ Sona, specifically would be ideal for a non-stop dance party! Having some good tunes to listen to during the quarantine would definitely be a plus.

5. Gragas

For our over-21 readers (or whatever the legal drinking age is in your country). He’s obviously got a reserve of grog and some drinking contests would be a good way to pass time.

6. Twisted Fate

A master of cards and games of chance, there’s no way we wouldn’t want to be cooped up with TF. The only downside is that he probably cheats so you gotta check his sleeves before you play with him.

7. Yuumi

For all you cat-people out there, Yuumi is literally a magical cat so this seems like a no-brainer. She may be annoying as all hell in League of Legends, but she’d be a perfect companion during the quarantine.

8. Amumu

The little guy is just so desperate for friends that he’ll be so excited to be with anyone at all. I just hope he and his bandages don’t get too clingy.

9. Shen

Specifically, Surgeon Shen, since he’s got a facemask on and probably has a whole stash of those and some medical supplies. Hey, can’t be too careful.

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10. Ekko

Look, he’s the Boy Who Shattered Time. He has a device that allows him to go back in time a brief bit. Are you really telling me there is no way for him to figure out how to set that device forward and zap us to the point in time when the pandemic is over?