League of Legends: Reviewing the New Galaxy Skins

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The League of Legends Galaxies event features new cosmetics to go with the event.

So we recently talked about the Rift Quest skins they launched on Patch 10.6, now we get to talk about the rest of them. There are six new skins that are fitting the Galaxy theme. Let’s check the newest League of Legends out to see what’s worth adding to the collection.

The first two skins are Cosmic and Dark Cosmic Lux. Both skins cost 1820 RP, but there is a discount if you buy them both. I love the idea of having two different skins from the same theme to choose from and both of them look great, though I think I like the purple Dark Cosmic a bit better.

I do feel like the theme fits Lux and is a bit different from her Star Guardian or Pajama Guardian skins. While those other skins are a bit more playful and fun, the Cosmic skins seem a bit darker and edgier.

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Honestly, this is one of the better Lux skins in the game in my opinion, even if it is at the highest RP price point.  Lux mains seem to be happy with it and the majority appear to prefer the dark cosmic but the original is getting plenty of love as well.

The second and third skins being released are Dark Star Malphite and the Prestige Edition, coming in at 1350 RP. Now at first, I was “like finally a more modern skin for Malphite” but then I remembered he got an Odyssey skin before this one. So it’s another space theme for our rock man to go with Mecha and Odyssey. Not my first choice of theme, but it will do.

The skin’s ok. I do like the modern look and it looks nice, but Malphite isn’t a champion I play a lot of and this skin doesn’t want me to change that.

I also don’t think this was a very wise move to give him the Prestige Edition. Malphite just doesn’t seem like a champion with a big following, so it doesn’t feel like Riot could make as much money as they did if they picked a different champion for the prestige skin. Save your prestige tokens for something else unless you main Malphite and have to have it.

Next up is Dark Star Mordekaiser for 1350 RP. Oh boy was I not excited about this one. One of my least favorite champions gets a new skin and another excuse for people to play him.

That being said Morde does lack a space-themed skin, so I’m not too mad with the theme choice. Visually it’s on par with the other offerings in the dark star line and worth the RP.

The final skin being released is dark star Xerath for 1350 RP, another in the recent trend of less-popular champs finally getting skins. This one marks the fifth skin for Xerath and the first since 2015. It looks a bit better than all the other skins for him and has several chromas as well.

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Overall I feel like the skins look decent but don’t appeal to me because of the champs they picked not being in my champion pool. That said, it was nice to see some champions finally get new skins like Riot said in the past, so that’s a bonus. Though I’m more looking forward to Patch 10.7’s skin releases.