LEC Playoffs Round 1 Preview: Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The third game of the LEC Spring Split Playoffs is Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue! Here’s our preview of the Playoffs Round 1 match-up!

Unlike the first two games of the new, double-elimination LEC playoffs, the loser of this match will be eliminated from the knockout stage and out of the running for the LEC Spring Split title. So, the stakes are high, and everything will be left on the Rift as Misfits Gaming face Rogue on Sunday, 5 April!

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Misfits Gaming

When Misfits Gaming announced their 2020 LEC roster during the off-season fans were underwhelmed and unanimously predicted the team to finish outside the playoff places in the Spring Split.

Three months later and Misfits have gone on to shock the European League of Legends scene with their promising bunch of rookies showcasing excellent team fighting and macro play throughout the regular season.

Nothing sticks out about their playstyle, they’re middle of the road in terms of every statistic in the division, they’re just a solid League of Legends team that have nailed down the fundamentals of the game, allowing them to pick up 10 wins during the regular season.

One to Watch – Fabian “Febiven” Diepstraten

Febiven, Misfits Gaming, LEC, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Febiven is a two-time EU LCS champion and is the only member of the Misfits Gaming roster with any prior playoffs experience during his spells at Fnatic, H2k, and Clutch Gaming. It’s clear that the mid laner’s guidance and leadership will be vital if Misfits want to be successful in the Spring Split playoffs.

Through the regular season, Febiven proved that he wasn’t as “washed-up” as many believed, coming out on top against several highly rated mid laners and often carrying his team in 5v5s. His value on the Misfits roster is illustrated by his impressive stats, including a 3.1 KDA (5th of LEC mid laners), +160 gold difference at 15 minutes (4th of LEC mid laners), and first blood participation of 27.8% (4th of LEC mid laners).

Not only does Febiven steady the ship and guide his team through games as the most experienced player on the roster, but he’s also the player the team often turns to for big plays or high damage output on the likes of Azir and Orianna.

If Misfits want to get anything out of their game against Rogue, Febiven will have to be on the ball to shut down the early aggression of Inspired and Larssen.


Rogue, aka “Origen Lite”, are a team in the LEC that are often praised for their excellent early game decision making and preparation for major objectives. They are specifically known for their unmatched ability to pick up first blood (61.1%, 2nd in the LEC) and first tower (72.2%, 1st in the LEC).

Adding Hans sama to the roster during the off-season has allowed Rogue to adapt their playstyle and develop a much more reserved early game approach which involves fewer kills but much more control over the laning phase.

As a result, more often than not Rogue will reach the 15-minute mark with a significant gold lead (+602 gold average, 3rd in the LEC), setting them up for a successful mid to late game through vision control and calculated team fights around key objectives.

While it may seem like a one-dimensional approach like this is destined for failure as teams know exactly what to expect when facing off against Rogue, they managed to notch 9 wins during the regular season and fans are anticipating a top-four finish in the playoffs, despite their loser’s bracket start.

Though one cause for concern for Rogue and their fans will be their poor record since the shift from stage to online games, losing four consecutive games in the final two weeks of the regular season. If this problem hasn’t been amended over the last week, then Rogue may be headed for an early exit from the LEC playoffs.

One to Watch – Finn “Finn” Wiestål

If you remove G2 Esports players from the equation, Finn has received the most Player of the Game awards of any LEC player in Season 10 so far with 5. Rogue only won 9 of their 18 games during the regular season, so Finn was voted MVP in an incredible 56% of matches, highlighting how important the top laner is for his team.

Finn’s damage share is the third highest among LEC top laners at 23.9% and he also boasts the highest first blood participation rate in his role at 33.3%. It is glaringly obvious that Rogue rely mainly on Finn to find advantages and create a gold lead in the early game, either through Inspired ganks to the top lane, or Finn roams to the mid lane.

There’s no doubt that Finn will be relishing the opportunity to face off against Dan Dan, one of the most impressive top laners of the Spring Split but with the tendency to make the odd mistake or int play (see Nocturne top, regular season Week 1).

Dan Dan will provide stiff opposition and a difficult test but Rogue’s top laner has shown enough over the last three months for the LEC audience tp believe that he has what it takes to shut down his opposite number and start the snowball for his team, especially if he gets his hands on his signature Kled at any point during the series.

Prediction: Misfits Gaming 0 – 3 Rogue

Rogue have already beaten Misfits Gaming twice this season and it would come as no surprise if they made it a 5-0 scoreline after the conclusion of their playoff round 1 series.

Having a clear identity helps avoid tilt during a best-of-five and this is where Rogue have the advantage. Their solid early game, strong team fighting, and focus on scaling towards fights around major neutral objectives should be enough to take down Misfits who currently lack any form of League of Legends identity.

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The third game of the LEC playoffs is on Sunday 5 April at 17:00 CEST! Catch Ready Check for Misfits Gaming vs. Rogue from 16:30 CEST on the LEC Twitch channel and LoL Esports YouTube channel!