TFT Guide: A Guide for How to Play in the Neekoverse

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With Set 3 now active and the Galaxies mechanic live, our latest TFT guide shows you how to navigate the Neekoverse.

The Neekoverse is one of the unique rule sets now live in Set 3. This TFT guide explains how to properly play when you wind up in the Neekoverse in your next game of Teamfight Tactics.

What is the Neekoverse?

At the beginning of the TFT game, the Neekoverse is signified by the double dice icon. The first Carousel will be a typical one, except that it might be a rare instance where all the first items are the same.

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In Round 1-1, you will see a gold orb appear right at the start. Don’t get too excited, this contains the two Neeko’s Help items, which create one copy of the champion you equip it to before disappearing. This means that, with two Neeko’s Help items, you can get a champion to 2-stars once you get one copy of the champion.

One caveat is important to note about the Neekoverse. You can get more copies of Neeko’s Help from the typical drops in PVE rounds. This is (to my knowledge) not affected by being in the Neekoverse (either more or less Neeko’s Help drops).

How do I Play the Neekoverse?

Neekoverse is probably the most flexible of the Galaxies in terms of how you can approach it. You can hold your Neeko’s Help items to try and get a champion to 3-stars or use it to get a 4 or 5-cost unit to 2-stars.

Personally, my preference is to hold the Neeko’s Help items as long as possible and try to see which comp I will be going (you make that determination the same as always) and then spend those items to get a powerful carry to 2-stars. Of course, Neeko’s Help also opens up the possibility for you to slow roll, so you could get your Xin Zhao, Shaco, or Lucian to two 2-stars and then use those Neeko’s Help to get to 3-stars.

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As I said, there’s no right way to play the Neekoverse, but I would caution players to not use their Neeko’s Helps haphazardly in the early game. Make sure you’re using those items strategically once you have your comp in mind and make sure to follow our other TFT guide on econ and leveling!