League of Legends: FunPlus Phoenix Worlds Skins Revealed

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The World Championship skins for 2019 winners FunPlus Phoenix have been revealed and are now available on the Public Beta Environment!

One of the coolest things about winning a League of Legends World Championship is receiving your own personal in-game skin honoring the achievement. As soon as the Worlds tournament is concluded, speculation about which champions will be chosen for the skins begins immediately, and that was no different for FunPlus Phoenix and their 2019 triumph.

Well, we can finally stop speculating now as the Worlds skins have been revealed with Gangplank, Lee Sin, Malphite, Vayne, and Thresh adorned in FunPlus Phoenix colors.

FunPlus Phoenix, FPX, World Championship, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The red and gold color scheme is sharp and modern in an almost Power Rangers-like fashion which separates the skin line from former champions SK Telecom T1 who feature similar colors.

As for the champions, it’s a bit of a strange selection. While Kai’Sa and Xayah dominated the bot lane meta during the 2019 World Championship, Lwx opted for Vayne as a more personal choice.

Fans will also be disappointed to learn that Doinb didn’t pick Nautilus for his skin despite it becoming the Korean’s signature pick during the knockout stages and having a huge impact on the Worlds meta.

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Instead, Doinb chose Malphite, a champion that he played only once throughout the tournament. Combine this with the fact that Malphite has just received a Dark Star skin (along with a Prestige edition) and it’s clear to see why the excitement surrounding the mid laner’s choice isn’t too great.

Nevertheless, the final three champions were excellent picks for the FunPlus Phoenix top laner, jungler, and support. GimGoon picked Gangplank, Tian grabbed Lee Sin, and Crisp opted for Thresh. These are three very popular champions in their respective roles and we will undoubtedly see these skins popping up in our solo queue games in the near future.

Overall, all five skins are incredibly high quality and players will be quick to open up their wallets as soon as the FPX skins move from the PBE to live League of Legends servers.

Each skin also has an elite chroma available which changes the color scheme to a more black and red style creating an excellent alternative for the FPX skin line.

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What do you think of the FunPlus Phoenix skins? Are you happy with the champion choices? And will you be purchasing them when they hit live servers?