League of Legends: The 5 Best Champions to Main in Each Role

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Miss Fortune, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

1. Miss Fortune

Not only is she a staple of professional play in Season 10, but MF has also been the solo queue stomper for this season. She’s a lane bully with the ability to harass from long range and shove the waves easily. Picked with an aggressive support, she almost always wins lane.

Then, while she doesn’t scale super well into the late game off items, she can still provide plenty of damage in teamfights with her ultimate. She may not have the highest skill ceiling, but with her floor being so low and her being so strong at the moment, there might not be a better ADC to climb with.

2. Caitlyn

A lane bully like Miss Fortune because of her long range and ability to zone the enemy laners with her traps, Caitlyn also scales very well if the game goes super late. She’s got a lot of nuance and skill expression to her kit, like how to double-proc her headshot with a trap/net combo, which is why players like xFSN Saber can climb consistently with her. Overall, she’s probably harder for lower elo players, but still a fantastic ADC to main.

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3. Vayne

She’s very much the “I’ll do it myself” AD Carry. With her tumble, invisibility, and Condemn, she has her own self-peel. She also scales incredibly with her percent max HP true damage being up more often as she builds attack speed.

In the late game, Vayne can 1v5 carry games if she’s fed enough and she can even splitpush herself with all the escapes in her kit. The only difficulty players will have as they learn her is how to navigate the difficult laning phase with her short-range attacks.

4. Jhin

Now Jhin is probably the least-intuitive champion on this list of best champions to main. With his weird “convert attack speed to crit damage” calculus, you might get a headache trying to figure out which items are best to build on the Virtuoso.

That said, Jhin is probably the best utility AD Carry in League of Legends. His ultimate is great for initiating or finishing off fights, he has a snare that can cause your lane opponent to want to rage quit the game, and his long range makes him impossible to harass early.

5. Jinx

The low elo queen, Jinx can take over games and win those 5v5 ARAM teamfights all by herself. With the resets off her passive, her incredible scaling, and her relative safety thanks to her traps, Jinx makes up for her lack of mobility and utility by just outputting tons of damage.